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Hughes: Chelsea can take the four-time winner Howard | Premiership champions most rare


Cheap Fifa 15 Coins Premier League leaders Chelsea round of the league will play against Stoke City on the road, in an interview before the game, had played for Chelsea, Stoke City coach Mark - Hughes praised the strength of Chelsea, said he believes that they present can win the four-time winner of the season.

In the "special one" - under the leadership of Jose Mourinho, Chelsea this season in all competitions triumph. Hughes believes that four-time winner (Premier League, Champions League, FA Cup, League Cup) for Chelsea is not an impossible task Buy Cheap Fifa 15 Coins.

"You ask me if they have the opportunity to take the four-time winner Howard? My answer is yes. They sufficient strength. Compared to last year, after the signings of their strength has climbed to a new level." Hughes said. "They have enough money to reinforce the squad, even if they are plagued with injuries at key positions and still have good young players to choose from, and their injuries are also very encouraging. Injuries rarely drag Chelsea. like if we have two or three wounded, then our strength will be discounted, but they are different. "

"You can feel that they can get them to honor the faith. It must be strong compared to previous years. For many teams, this is no easy task, need to meet a lot of factors. But if they really won four-time winner, I would not be surprised. "

Nevertheless, Hughes still believes Chelsea will become after Manchester City, Arsenal, Tottenham lost Laputa another team. "They've been in Newcastle who fell somersault, so not impossible to beat them." However, Stoke City this season can be described as "nerve knife", even though it can even Keqiang Di, but also in Burnley, Leicester who upset lose. Hughes said: "In this season, with the price of blood we understand the truth: Even if you gain the upper hand in the game, the opponent will still take advantage of you when you give respite seemed to be a fatal blow to their formidable than similar teams will happen in the body, such as Chelsea's game against Newcastle. they by no means invincible, we have a chance. "

Hughes also believes that compared to other Cup, winning the Premier League is more difficult, so the more weight. "If you win in the Premier League, then it would be difficult double winners in the Cup With luck you can go further, you may soon be able to enter the finals, but you need to take the opportunity to finally atop. So in my opinion Cup played much better, of course, this also depends on your status in the league. "

"Premier League is the touchstone for testing teams. Maybe we all think the Champions League is the ultimate test, but if you look at the strength of the pre-tournament, you will find it better to intense Premier League."