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Premiership Summary: QPR reversal, Swansea, Southampton, West Ham win their


Buy Fifa 15 Coins At 23:00 on December 21, the first 17 Premier League round started.

Hull City 0-1 Swansea

Send Cheng Yong winning the ball, Sher column The first 15 minutes, Sher assists, Cheng Yong center of the box to send a low shot ripped through the door of the home team, 0-1! The first 31 minutes, Sher long-range kick hit the right post. The second half the home team launched counterattacks but limited success, the first 77 minutes Curtis - Davis injury end, the score remained 0-1 until the final whistle Ultimate Team Fifa 15 Coins.

Queens Park Rangers 3-2 West Brom

Lescott scored first, Austin hat-reversal The first 10 minutes, West Brom corner kick opportunities, Si Sege assists farmers, Lescott header for the visitors scored first, 0-1! The first 20 minutes, or Si Sege assists farmers, Varela scored again right footed shot from the center of the penalty area, 0-2! The first 24 minutes, Morrison Fell foul of the penalty area, the home team won a penalty opportunity, Austin kick hit, 1-2! Easy side battles. The first 48 minutes, Zamora assists, Austin scored again to tie the game, 2-2! The first 86 minutes, Barton assists header inside the restricted area of Austin hat-trick, 3-2! Queens Park Rangers eventually reversed the opponent.

Everton 3-0 Southampton

Loukakou own goal to seal the victory Maya Yoshida The first 38 minutes, Southampton Loukakou own goal lead, 2-0! Easy side battles. The first 65 minutes, Long assists, Manuel scored again in front of left foot shot, 2-0! The first 82 minutes, Southampton corner kick opportunities, Davis assists, Maya Yoshida header from inside the area to seal the victory, 3-0! Final victory over rivals Southampton 3 goals.

West Ham 2-0 Leicester

Carol come out on top, long-range accomplishment Downing The first 24 minutes, left-footed shot inside the restricted area of the main team before Carroll scored, 1-0! The first 56 minutes, Nicolas assists Downing scored again long-range left foot from outside the area, 2-0! The first 69 minutes, the home team Tomkins was benched because of injury, and ultimately the audience score 2-0.