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King's Cup - Pedro hats Barca score 12-1 the last 16

 King's Cup - Pedro hats Barca score 12-1 the last 16

Buy Fifa 15 Coins Huesca 8-1 home victory over Barcelona, with a total score of 12-1. Pedro scored three goals in the first half, Iniesta scored a goal and an assist to complete the remaining four goals scored by Adriano, Roberto, Sandro and Adama.

King's Cup - Pedro hats Barca score 12-1 the last 16 Pedro completed a hat-trick in the first half, Barca have no doubt that in the King's Cup second leg match 8-1 1/16 knockout victory over Huesca, in order to qualify for a total score of 12-1 1/8 knockout. The victory also has two landmark, Mascherano played 200 times for the Barcelona game, goalkeeper Maxi Pu completed officially unveiled Cheapest Fifa 15 Coins.

The first four minutes, Ace Ned teammate right pass in front of a small restricted area header wide. The first six minutes, the visitors right 45 degrees hanging to the restricted area, Ace Ned headed lob hit the left post. Barcelona in the opening at the beginning obviously did not enter the game rhythm. The first 10 minutes, Iniesta left from the ball, Munir header was saved by goalkeeper bottom line. The first 10 minutes, right before the games Rafinha was tipped Pascal Diener, Barcelona kick, Adriano low ball penalty does not create a threat to the restricted area.

The first 15 minutes, Roberto right from the ball, Pedro distal header, the ball was confiscated goalkeeper. The first 17 minutes, the right side of the penalty area after a forced break Roberto pass was blocked. The first 19 minutes, assists in the forward runs of Baltra restricted area hit the door was saved. The first 20 minutes, Munir offside pass the ball to the right baseline, Pedro Road unmarked diving header succeeded, 1-0, Barcelona lead. The first 25 minutes, Pedro left foot boom gate right before the games above. The first 26 minutes, Iniesta straight line from behind the ball, Pedro left the restricted area small-angle hit the near corner nets, 2-0.

The first 29 minutes, Montoya right flat ball, kept the ball homeopathic Roberto Road fire break, 3-0, and then the lens at being spectators in the stands Pique, Messi, Puyol, Su Bisaleita. The first 33 minutes, Adriano 30 yards long shots hit fly. The first 34 minutes, Manu Nuo long shots. The first 39 minutes, before Montoya restricted low shot missed. The first 40 minutes, Roberto straight plug, Iniesta left the restricted area after the ball turned and left foot hit the far corner of the score, 4-0, Barcelona is a complete end to the game of suspense. The first 43 minutes, Adriano pass, Pedro left the restricted area hit the waves in the world to complete a hat-trick, 5-0. Easy side battles the second half, Barcelona Sandro replaced by Pedro, Iniesta replaced Douglas. The first 52 minutes, Sandro restricted area before the right foot shot into the far corner was saved the bottom line. The first 53 minutes, Adriano on the right pass, turned and shot the ball Sandro points higher than before. The first 56 minutes, Manu Nuo uprooting Rafinha midfielder received a yellow card. The first 64 minutes, left the restricted area before Douglas hit the door wide. The first 68 minutes, Samper straight plug, Adriano left Shishe offside single-handedly succeeded, 6-0.

The first 69 minutes, the right side of the penalty area Sandro oblique angle near the target. The first 74 minutes, replaced Munir Adama. The first 78 minutes, Adama straight out of three defensive players into the lane from the right foot cool Tui score 7-0. The first 82 minutes, Rafinha long shots from outside the box is too positive, the ball was confiscated. The first 83 minutes, Rafinha cross, Sandro offside broadswords volley broke, 8-0. The first 86 minutes, Barcelona conceded, Moreno in the corner before the point of attack to break, 8-1. Neither side scored the final stage of the competition, the final Barcelona 8-1 home rout of Huesca, has made the largest margin of victory this season.

[Related Information] Lineup Barcelona: 25- Maxi Pu / 2- Montoya, 14-Javier Mascherano, 15 Baltra, 21- Adriano / 26- Samper, 20- Roberto, 8-Iraq Nie Sita (46'16- Douglas) / Rafinha 12-, 31- Munir (74'27- Adama), 7-Pedro (46'29- Sandro) Huesca: 1- Jimenez / 2- Antonio Galvez 5-, 4- Moreno, 3 Pascal Diener / 6- Manu Nuo (84'12- Morley Elias), 8- Lucas / 7- Sosa (61'14- Jose - Gaspar), 10-Bernal, 11 Cabezas / 9- Ace Ned (71'16- Murillo)