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Enrique: Lionel Messi Manchester City outside I have the strength to win the most Aiakuiluo

 Enrique: Lionel Messi Manchester City outside I have the strength to win the most Aiakuiluo

Buy Fifa 15 Coins Enrique said that Messi is the best player he had in mind, but in addition to Messi, he is most Aiekuiluo.

Enrique believes Manchester City are a good and formidable opponent, he hoped Barcelona could play their own style and standards will be a key promotion Cheapest Fifa 15 Coins.

Enrique: Lionel Messi Manchester City outside I have the strength to win the most Aiakuiluo

Barcelona will play against Manchester City in the Champions League 1/8 finals Louis - Enrique announced after the draw, attended the conference before reporters 1/16 finals of the King's Cup. Enrique said: "Pellegrini's team is a tough opponent, they have the strength to win."

There are two months away from the Champions League knockout time, Enrique believes in this period where anything can happen. He said: "From now until February, a lot of things can happen, but the two sides then will go all out." Enrique said: "The key play in the Champions League knockout place is a must play to their level and characteristics, as long as we own play well, cut it hopefully. I always thought that attitude is the result. "

"Messi is the best player." When talking about the opponent, Enrique said: "Manchester City have a lot of good players, I personally like Aguero, I put him in the top ten ranked players in the world, but in my mind, Messi is the world's most. good players, other people do not like him. "

In this conference, Enrique analyzed Barcelona in last weekend's draw with Getafe that league games, he said:. "4 points behind Real Madrid lost the title does not mean that we must continue to work hard." a reporter said Enrique has created a defensive style of Barcelona, Enrique said this: "We strive to make the game becomes exciting, I think we have more chances to win the game, but some things man proposes, God disposes. we want to continue to progress and improve, and ultimately achieve our objectives. I appreciate the attitude of the players. "

Finally, Enrique declared Neymar will not participate in the week in the King's Cup, because the Brazilians still ankle discomfort.