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News description

Sid Lowe: Messi and C Luo, into the new ultimate feat


Over 44 minutes, and in between Messi and goal Catalonia region also belong to the two clubs nine players, then Messi began his show. At that moment, the ball leaves his left foot, draw a curve to bypass defenders and then went straight to the goal kick the door in disguise - somehow went into Casilla guarded the door. Everything has changed. Fengyun goal cut off boos. After a seemingly unrelated start with win after win at Barcelona was finally able to return to the right track of the Catalan derby. But now seems to have the threat of riots, another group needs to extinguish the flame Fifa 15 Coins.

Nou Camp does not have a Spanish fan, VIP seats where there is no Chairman of the Spaniards. On Saturday, the Catalan regional newspapers cover headline: "Without a parrot (Translator's Note: refers to the Spaniards)"; and the two teams appear in the same photo coach Lane - Sergio Austria - Gonzalez insisted on doing this, even if it's contrary to the wishes of his high-rise behind. But no one would expect tit contest between the two teams, and even people do not expect this to be a race. In fact, the gap in the standings with 17 points and 4.5 billion euros worth of difference between the teams so that they appear to be bad days to do. "If there is nothing like a story ...... that means we won," Louis - Enrique said. And Sergio said, "They say (our) victory would be a bomb or a hand grenade, sort of."

The results story really happened, like an explosion. Sergio was asked before the game how you want to run the car than those who sit in the gallop? He replied, "Let them flat tire of it." His team did what he said. This occurs in only 13 minutes after the start of the game, Busquets presented to the opponent an opportunity to other referee referee in the league when he was even more likely to make that choice. Under pressure, his back to the opponent, waiting for each other close, it seems more like to be heard rather than the foot foul ball. But the referee did not blow a foul, but Sergio - Garcia and thus ran the ball from him to buy Cheap Fifa 15 Coins.

Pique looked helpless, he has been back, but Garcia pressing harder and harder. Garcia Ya Neiqie then hit the door, ripped through the goal guarded by Bravo. Faced with this as the starting point of his career in the team, the Spanish captain first goal. It is since February 2009, the Spanish players at the Nou Camp scored a goal first. At that time, the Spaniards led de Pera in 27 years, the first victory over Barcelona. Is the first time, the bottom team defeated the top team. Suddenly, a possibility to become unusually clear.

At that time, Aspen claiming that "God is a parrot." This time, Messi replied, "No, I'm not." The next morning, the World Sports Daily praise Road, "God's derby." God, "Dios", was written D10S. Some people prefer to call him the Messiah (MESSIah). In seems unending cheers, Barcelona scored five goals. It has ushered in a panic opening exquisite ending. Messi hat-trick. His first goal, that seems almost impossible shot, is the key to the whole game. One minute before halftime, tension intensified. Barcelona lack of running, seemed lost self.

"It was my mistake," Sergio said afterwards, "I can not make players forget that goal." How will he allow them to forget? The players are probably confused, so far away from them to the right place kicker shot, how to make the ball into the goal behind them on the left. Two weeks ago, Tony - Cross for Real Madrid scored a beautiful goal. Just like bowling ball right out of a scoliosis curve toward the edge of the fairway, and then changed its direction, the ball hit the middle of the bottle. This shot like this, first draw a curve deviates from the fairway, the ball close to the edge of the fairway when they suddenly turned back.

Not just the goal. Messi had a free kick in the previous column. His activities and withdraw the ball on the right, and then he came to the middle, passing, running, put the team back to normal to assume the responsibility of the state tournament, as this is a significant task. Suddenly, the entire system began to perk up. Messi is the system itself.

The game entice us to this conclusion. That might be a little exaggerated. After all, Harvey pass 125 times, completed a league record; the lack of flash on the surface Neymar overshadowed the importance of his post moves; Pedro's finishing ability neat as in the past; but his goal from the Alba's increasingly progressive exquisite long pass; Suarez looks a bit frustrated, he still failed to score. But until this weekend, many people are impressed with his performance. And do not forget, Barcelona and finally through a penalty corner, headed home. Here only to talk about their best side. But when we say Messi is the system itself may be an exaggerated time, this conclusion does not, and the fact that far.

Without doubt, Messi created a victory. It's about a rise in morale, it can be said to be a response. Last night, C Ronaldo scored three goals in Real Madrid and Celta in the game, which means that he staged the highest number of hat-trick in La Liga. After 24 hours, Messi capped. It is with them in five La Liga season, the first four have a hat-trick in the same weekend of the season. Saturday night, C Ronaldo scored his 200th goal in Spain; to Zhou, Messi put the same period the number of goals in La Liga and C Luo increased to more than 200 balls. A playful idea surfaced again: When the fans for their bickered they laughing at Friday night chat by phone, and then to reach an agreement: "Cris, you guess you can enter the number of the ball this week it three? a you? "" Well, Leo, which carry three. "

Of course, the accused and the irony is there. Barcelona headlines pro Messi hat-trick for shouting: "There is no penalty!" C Ronaldo's first goal from a suspected diving penalty, the media also excited to propose, C Ronaldo hat-trick in only nine without penalty, and Macy's has 17. But Sergio - When Ramos for C Luo sound still insist that the most advanced vocabulary has been exhausted, such a figure is always fascinating "You have to come up with new words to describe the C Lo." ecstatic. Take a look at the following example:

Emilio - Butragueno Real Madrid's generation remember his name, a name and define each era. The sports star also active in political circles and social activities involved in sensational fashion Madrid cultural movement. He was top scorer in La Liga 1990-91 season. While his teammate, always hoping to influence a generation of Real Madrid Hugo - Sanchez is 1984-1985,1985-1986 season scorer. Manuel - Hernandez - Pa Yinuo, love to read Tolstoy and Dostoyevsky. He bought the then banned them from the black market in Barcelona. He said he would not play again for Spain, because he was "too left wing" of the. He is Real Madrid scored more than 100 goals. And when he was still Celta, he was the top scorer of the season 1947-1948.

March 1981, a fake license plate hanging M9955AX stolen truck suddenly stopped at the gas station. Two men from the car down, they took an old Colt 45, Barcelona striker Henrique - Castro - Gonzalez (Queenie) whispers: "No talking on the car . "the kidnapping lasted almost a month, but Queenie is still the top scorer of the season, once again reached the 1973-1974 season he completed at Sporting Gijon achievement. There is a story, Diego - Tristan and Real Madrid did not sign, because the President for his behavior off the worries. And Tristan's response was, "What do you want? A player or a monk?" He was the top scorer of the season 2001-2002.

Luis - Luis Aragones brought to the Spanish football permanently altered. He is the 1969-1970 season scorer, and people can also sideline during sparring lost dentures. Alfredo - Di Stefano, arguably the greatest football player in the club's history, he was still only count to make an extraordinary rise to the height of Madrid's most successful club of the 20th century. And he himself is the 1957-1958 season scorer. There Telmo - Sarah, until some time ago are still the league scorer in history, he was known as Winston Churchill after the second European leader. These historical figures, which won the Golden Boot La Liga stars who, a few goals they scored in those seasons are: 19,19,22,20,20,20,20,16,19, and 20.

And in this season, C Ronaldo has scored 23 goals at http://www.fifa14coinsok.com/.

The remaining 24 games of the season, while the C Lo has scored enough he won 33 times the number of goals in La Liga Golden Boot. After today's game, number close to his recent goal is Messi, Messi still lags behind despite 10 goals. Messi hat-trick just broke in two Sarah's league goals record keeping, as well as the Champions League scoring record. After this weekend, Messi played the third hat-trick in the last four games. If we say that the first two hat-trick made him a new historical record holder in Spain and Europe, then these three goals today are successfully blocked Catalan derby turned into a story. After all, "Messi and C Luo regarded game ball back home" has really nothing new.

"I have no idea on what to write Messi took the ball up," Ivan - Rakitic said.