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Manzano: Want football coach, won the 2022 World Cup in China

 Manzano: Want football coach, won the 2022 World Cup in China

Fifa 15 Coins A few days ago, is in the vacation period of the National Security coach Manzano accepted the Spanish media "access" in an interview, talking about his coaching experience in China over the past year, he looks forward to the future to have to coach the Chinese team, and said that the Chinese team in 2022 won the World Cup Cheap Fifa 15 Coins.

First question to say whether the other extreme super fans, Manzano said:. "No fans here are very young, they neither threw flares, it will not dry out the other banners or anything out of the thing Chinese security measures are very strict, light entering the stadium two minutes to go through security checks. "

For China should learn what to Spanish football, Manzano think there are many: "Because I actually questioned the referee at a news conference and was suspended, because I am a player on the microblogging issued a statement accusing the referee also . ban "the best coach of Super said," to comply with the rules here either remain silent, or do not mix in Chinese football Chinese people are very valued sports ethics, "Manzano also said he would not refuse to become a football coach.: "I know this country, love their culture. If there is such an opportunity in the future, I will not refuse."

Leave for a year, Manzano said the family wanted: "I had a very comfortable in Beijing, as well as two-year contract with the team, but if there is a good offer ...... Now any speech I will be 350 million Chinese. people see, "he dreamed of coaching a" West super. "team:" I am not afraid of the challenge, I always dreamed to reach the pinnacle of the profession, "the Spaniard also revealed that there are a lot of fellow asked him to come to China. looking for a job: "more than five, and are famous among Spain is at the financial crisis, no money."

The last-mentioned when Chinese football will get the World Cup, Manzano to time are:. "After a few years now China's president wants to take the title So, from the beginning of 2015, the school's football will become compulsory. If you have the talent, infrastructure, financial and other conditions, then perhaps in 2022 ...... "