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News description

Swiss police should the US claims the May 27 arrest of a number of FIFA officials

Russia "satellite" news agency website on May 28 quoted Bloomberg news, if FIFA does not take immediate steps to restore the reputation of the international payment systems Visa or will refuse to provide sponsorship.

Swiss police should the United States claims the May 27 arrest of a number of FIFA officials. FIFA investigation initiated by the US Department of Justice. • US Justice Minister Loretta Lynch said that 19 years of FIFA bribery total over $ 10 billion. Washington should request several FIFA officials were arrested, 11 people were dismissed. At the same time, these measures have not touched the FIFA Master Xi Saipu • Blatter. Experts believe that the main intention of the United States is not to carry out sports corruption, but to replace the current management of FIFA, its support for Russia's soccer World Cup held in 2018, the implementation of a policy independent of the United States.

A series of US senators called for an end to support the candidacy of Sepp Blatter's statement also proved this point. They think, "FIFA decided to hold the World Cup in Russia, Putin's government is thrown an economic life preserver."

America's anti-corruption campaign this caused a lot of problems. • Mano Iloilo politician Andre told Russia "satellite" news agency interview that the investigation began in Washington on the eve of the FIFA president election.

Political scientist said: "Fifa current leadership in Russia has a certain impression, while Americans to intervene in this case is not the open hostility of the Russian international organization affairs, I feel for Americans, soccer is not only a commercial. but also a political tool. On this election to elect one of us is very important to them, so that the right people as the President of FIFA. "

"When you can take to Russia through his hostile activities, a ban on the World Cup in Russia, but also its packaging into the progress of the entire Western response to Russia some kind of social protest 'aggressive' policy, which is their usual practice . "

According to Voice of America radio station website reported on May 28, Russian President Vladimir Putin criticized the United States for alleged corruption FIFA officials sued, saying the attempt to extend the jurisdiction of the United States to other countries.

Putin on television commented that the United States tried to prevent re-elected FIFA president Sepp Blatter. FIFA 29 is scheduled to vote to elect the next President, Putra fifth term election, and he currently has only one opponent. Russia will host the 2018 World Cup.

Russian Foreign Ministry on the 27th also say that the US prosecution of alleged corruption FIFA officials is "illegal use of US law overseas." United States has not responded to Putin's attitude.

The Swiss investigation of FIFA alleged mismanagement and money laundering, Russia obtained the right to host the 2018 World Cup is part of the investigation.