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News description

Surprise resignation of Chairman Headquarters

2006 World Cup held in Germany to be a lot of people called in Germany staged a fairy tale. But the unexpected is that more and more concerned with the recent burst of bribery German bid information, this fairy tale is gradually becoming a scandal.

Indefinable € 6,700,000

Late last month, the German "Der Spiegel" magazine broke the news, the German Football Association bid to host the 2006 World Cup in the year 2000, Adidas had when he was president Dreves "loan" 6.7 million euros, and use the money to buy the four Executive Committee votes. In 2005, a sum of 6.7 million euros of funds from an account to import the German Football Association FIFA, and soon after, another sum of 6.7 million euros of funds from FIFA's account into a personal account Dreves . Transfer the money is also the German media as a DFB "pay back the money." After the news broke, the German Football Association President Niels Bach went on to say, the money was in exchange for the FIFA subsidy, but he did not explain why the money eventually goes into Dreves account.

Surprise resignation of Chairman Headquarters

Whatever the explanation of the German Football Association, the transfer of such a large sum of money but not through the normal channels on the very normal. German tax authorities apparently will not sit idly by, they believe the presence of the German Football Association suspected tax evasion. Earlier this month, the German tax authorities raided the headquarters of the German Football Association and others Niels Bach house, and took away a lot of information. Then the German "Bild" broke the news, tax authorities take the information in Germany, there was evidence of bribery. Just this week, the German Football Association Chairman Niels Bach suddenly announced his resignation, the next most popular candidate for UEFA President said he did not know the flow of funds for the year while, but did not explain the specific reasons for his resignation. This is also the German media that the German Football Association is the default behavior for bribery. It is worth mentioning that the German Football Association this week also formally withdrew "Der Spiegel" libel prosecution.

Blatter suspicions were confirmed?

In fact, as early as 2012, FIFA president Sepp Blatter had publicly doubted Germany bribery. Blatter said at the time, voting results in Germany and South Africa should be 10 to 10, but suddenly Dempsey abstained Oceania executive committee, which makes Germany the final 10 to 9 win. Blatter was suspected Dempsey received the benefits of the German side. The "Der Spiegel" broke the news, Dempsey also happens to be one of the four executive committee of bribery were noted. Unfortunately, two key players in this event, when he was president of Adidas Dreves and Oceania have died Dempsey executive committee, investigative agencies can not confirm directly from them.

Recalling the recent years, the World Cup bid news, almost every session are associated with scandal. South Korea, Japan has been accused of relying on subsidies to FIFA only get the right to host the 2002 World Cup, in South Africa the right to host the 2010 World Cup and FIFA vice-president has been shown to Warner when he was about corruption in Brazil, Russia and Qatar have also been suspected of relying on unethical means to get the right to host the World Cup.