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FIFA announced that seven candidates they are the prince of Jordan Ali ibn al-Hussein

 FIFA announced that seven candidates they are the prince of Jordan Ali ibn al-Hussein, Liberia Football Association President Musa - Pelethites, the President of UEFA Michel Platini, former FIFA international Hot Relations Office in charge of Roma - Champagne, in addition to the UEFA General Secretary Gianni Infantino Infante, the AFC's main Xisaerman, as well as anti-apartheid people in Africa Woodstock Keogh - Seck Ecotel. 

In fact, apart Platini may also be more familiar with the candidates is the AFC's main Xisaerman. Salman is Harman after the accident, began to charge the AFC, in April this year after he was re-elected, and became the Vice-President of FIFA. There are news that the strong support of Prince Salman Ahmed of Kuwait, also the President of the Olympic Council of Prince Ahmed, who spent 24 years in this position, the International Olympic Committee and International football should be a fairly extensive network of contacts and power. 

Salman disadvantage is that he is not entirely without blemish, in 2013 when he sought the post when AFC President, once exposed bribery scandal. In addition to acquaintances, as well as spare tire, it is the Secretary-General of the UEFA suddenly popped Infante Tarantino, he is said to become such a role, it said to be the night before the UEFA elected by an emergency conference call candidates, the purpose is to prevent, if possible, once Platini can not stand for election, then someone can to represent the interests of UEFA.

 In addition, there is the Prince of Jordan Ali from Asia is actually the last time Blatter's only rival, although he was to get European support, but still lost by a large margin. Europe now represents the interests of Platini and Infantino who both joined the fray because, presumably UEFA would no longer support him, and it may relatively slim hope of winning. There are also a few people Champagne, Naji De etc., are not regarded as a pivotal figure in the FIFA influence is limited. Although Liberia Football Association Xibiliti confident that he believed the opponent did not make him feel much challenge, but maybe he will not be bigger than the other two influence in international football, I am afraid that only three people accompany runners.