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Since 1998 he has served as FIFA president Sepp Blatter on the 8th Swiss was the committee suspended

 Since 1998 he has served as FIFA president Sepp Blatter on the 8th Swiss was the committee suspended. The 79-year-old Blatter is facing criminal investigation in Switzerland.

"New York Times" said that the newspaper had obtained a copy of the decision Blatter appeals against suspension of the book. The newspaper reported that in an appeal book, Blatter against rude and unfair to treat themselves suffered. Blatter's legal team also request access to the case file of the Ethics Committee and given the opportunity to complete a statement of one's own reason.
After being suspended, Blatter's lawyers immediately issued a statement saying, Blatter hopes to prove he did not submit any evidence of wrongdoing involved.
[Reuters, Zurich, October 8 -] UEFA FIFA will decide on Thursday disregard interdiction Platini, said they would not replace it as the European football governing body responsible positions, and supported his appeal.
But headquartered in Nyon UEFA avoid conflicts directly with FIFA, Platini expressed "now" does not fulfill any of his official duties.
Earlier Thursday, the FIFA Ethics Committee issued a temporary injunction Platini 90 days and banned from all football-related activities, and also to FIFA president Sepp Blatter made the same sanctions.
FIFA promptly replace temporary master Xiyi Sa Hayatou Blatter and Blatter declared exempt "all responsibility", but UEFA has taken very different positions.
According to UEFA regulations, if UEFA President can not perform their duties, and that Vice-highest position within the organization will take over, but UEFA refused to take this action.
A UEFA statement said: "The UEFA Executive Committee that the moment there is no need to invoke" paragraph UEFA Statutes "Article 29 (5) ...... This is because the UEFA Executive Committee was informed that UEFA President will immediately take all necessary measures to appeal this decision to restore his innocence. "
The statement said: "The UEFA Executive Committee of UEFA President Michel Platini expressed its full trust, fully support him."
However, UEFA later issued a second statement, he said Platini will no longer perform his regular duties.
A FIFA source told Reuters that any move in flagrant violation of the ban could lead to further sanctions, he pointed out that if the Executive Committee of UEFA Michel Platini helped undermine the ban, also may make their own trouble being.
Platini issued a separate personal statement, he said: "I want everyone to know my feelings, not just a sense of unfairness or desire revenge, but an absolutely refuses to accept the deep feelings push me, I have to be more determined to defend himself more than ever before the relevant judicial bodies. "