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October 20 Xinhua sports news FIFA headquarters in Zurich held on the 20th at the special session of the Board

Zurich, October 20 Xinhua sports news FIFA headquarters in Zurich held on the 20th at the special session of the Board, to determine the next year on February 26 held a special election to elect a new Assembly term FIFA president, has declared his candidacy but was "off-limits FIFA vice-president, "the UEFA president Michel Platini still retains the election hopes.

On that day, the FIFA Electoral Commission 席多梅尼科 • Scala to the Board on the latest situation of the new term FIFA election. Scala said that the official campaign within the stipulated period of FIFA FIFA President but was temporary or participate in any football activities expressly prohibited candidates, the Election Commission in its off-limits to take effect within the period will not accept its application for candidacy.
However, this does not mean that the election Platini door was completely shut. Scala said that if some of the candidates, "off-limits order" to lift or failure in the February 26, the Election Committee will then decide how to deal with issues related to the candidate's campaign.
According to a ban FIFA Ethics Committee issued Feb. 8, President Sepp Blatter, former Secretary-General Valcke high voice with the previous election in 90 days, Vice-President Platini missed everything involved in football-related activities.
If FIFA once an additional 45 days of Platini's extra "off-limits" period, UEFA president may until six days before the FIFA election is still "off-limits."
Currently, losing Blatter campaign in May this year the Prince of Jordan Ali ibn al-Hussein, the former striker Naji De Trinidad and Tobago have made clear that will participate in the campaign. Former Swiss international Vega and AFC President Xisaerman are expected to stand for election.
At the meeting held on the 20th FIFA Reform Commission also proposed to set an upper age limit and tenure FIFA president length limitation proposal, based on the proposal of the FIFA President candidate can not exceed the age of 74 years, re-election shall not exceed 12 years. The current FIFA president Sepp Blatter, aged 79 years, from 1998 he has served as chairman.
Reform Commission will be held this December in the year on the last Executive Committee meeting to submit the final version of the reform proposals will be submitted to FIFA to discuss the General Assembly in a special election in February next year the General Assembly.