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News description

After the game notes: one-man team

Since ancient times, such as the famous beauty, not allowed to see the bald earth. 10 years ago, Steven Gerrard saved Liverpool's future; 10 years later, the old captain of the Red Army can only save face. Back in Torres period, the Red Army was called two-man team to last season, Sturridge Suarez + + combination Stirling once let the Reds saw a revival of hope, but the blink of an eye, one walk and one injury a tired, the team is still the same. Downtown has potential, the passage of time, through the hustle and bustle of the world, those who break his mouth full of bubbles look beautiful, we can see, only one man team or Buy Cheap Fut 15 Coins.

Flowers were heartbroken ......

Rogers failed

Do not want to use such a title, he did not want black, not because I believe he can lead the team out of the woods, but because he also sat on the Army's job. However, this is true. No tactics, no idea, no defense, no tie, the season began so long, has not solved the problems. Today, facing Basel, like this Real Madrid, tactical and technical fall under the wind, in addition to the players a cavity blood, even if the other party is not confident. It is not the responsibility of the coach do?

Since re-enable Lucas, the last few races, the latter and Allen hit double waist quite happy, although they have nothing to contribute in the scheduling, carding respect, and good interception, raids do good, the team lost the number of balls less. The game, Rogers is still such a fight, meaning quite clear, hold onto a clean sheet, waiting to steal a counterattack. In fact, if not in the first half that clean sheet, Rogers can bet to win, but to pull him an outstanding team. Unfortunately, the past will come sooner or later, like Jun brother said, and now the Reds do not deserve 16 qualifications, Rogers eventually did not take that step but Ultimate Team Fifa 15 Coins.

Failed tactics

The field passing the ball mistakes I will not say how many, have not seen the data, must also not be amazing, just like every game anyway. My idea of the cause, is the opening twenty minutes, Allen and Lucas two collided, ran the same point without the ball, Rogers, you're not fit Melwood training? Frontcourt players on the team but also a bit Sterling and Jay meet other people do not know how to do the ball, Rogers thought about it? Rambo mission with only one striker, then put half the team entrusted to rescue little play Marco, reliable? The second half to grab a goal, but also with dual lumbar played nearly 25 minutes, which is a conservative, or abandon the strategy? Give it up, it is best to give up the European Cup, losing the first four save.