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Rama West Historical Introduction

 Rama West Historical Introduction

Rama West was built next to the Camp Nou stadium, home to Barcelona youth team, is also part of this landmark of the Barcelona club's history and tradition. Built in 1702 cast of Rama West, originally local farmers living in the farmhouse, were later used as a workshop manufacturing model, architects and workers workplace. After the September 24, 1957 Barcelona's Camp Nou stadium built and put into use, Rama West closed once shelved, waiting for change of its own destiny.

In Enrique - Liao Gaudet served as president of the club during the La Masia was rebuilt a new scale to the gradual expansion, then became the club's main office, the new command center on September 26, 1966 completed and put into use. However, the Barcelona club's operations gradually increase each department constantly create new club, La Masia of this office space has been unable to meet the needs of the club. So when he was President Sidi Agusta - Mondal again ordered the club to move into the modern office building next to the skating rink. Thus, Rama West once again faced with the transformation functions. After Nunez took over, quickly completed the transfer of the office, and let Rama West echelon of young players to become Barcelona's dormitory, available to those outside the cities or suburbs outside the city to the students live. Rama West will soon be renovated again voted to build a new, 20 October 1979 and took on a new mission completed into use Fifa 15 Coins.

Now Rama West, is a most well-known academy, was and still is the major clubs competing worldwide learning goals, follow the template of youth, and the new Auriol - Tropsch special (to Rama West's first director named) training center will also serve as a new benchmark for the club's youth foundation. Auriol - Tottenham training center will be the new Rama West, located Gamper Sports City, is a modern and fully functional building with all the necessary facilities and services applicable. The new base has the best equipment, the unique design, optimization of intelligent facilities, sports public education. Service staff are also to be mentioned, policy makers and the coaching staff, they bring great achievements reached by the club over the years.

All of these facilities are designed to provide young students the best training and education, in terms of both physical and learning that, to leave their families to join in Barcelona and began his career in the young people's convenience. Hundred years of history with Barcelona match, La Masia also celebrated his twentieth anniversary, the outcome is a positive. Currently, there are more than 30 from Rama West out of young players who won in the Barcelona first team appearances, among them are Amor, Guardiola, Sergi, de la Pena, Puyol Harvey, Reina, Valdes, Gabriel and Lionel Messi. Similarly, there are also out of the team for many other Spanish players in each league, and the young genius who lived in La Masia, but also is not limited to Spain from Catalonia or elsewhere, but from around the world many countries and regions in the range Buy Fifa 15 Coins.