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Southampton vs Manchester United Replay: offensive and defensive ends of all the mess but fortunately there can hug the thighs Fan

December 9 morning, 2014-15 Premier League season, the first 15 Southampton and Manchester United's game at St Mary's Stadium staged the results with Robin van Persie scored twice, Manchester United finally on the road 2 to 1 Lectra Southampton in giving the other three-game losing streak of five straight league while harvesting. Frankly speaking, the game on both ends of Manchester United is not doing well, there is no way offensive, defensive mistakes too, perhaps in a continuous state of war under the players or there have been some ups and downs, a lot of people the whole game can be used to describe not the state Fifa 15 Coins. Of course, still played out again and again Degea gate line Savior drama, but the most important thing is to come forward Robin van Persie in the critical moment, it is by virtue of his two goals, so the team lost in the course of the case, at least won the final results.

Starting lineup, compared to the last round of the Manchester United vs. Stoke City made a total of two personnel changes, which are replaced by Herrera and McNair Wilson and Wayne Rooney. It is worth mentioning that the game once again Manchester United defender converted from four to three-guard system, McNair, Smolin and Rojo built up a team of Central defense plane. Specific circumstances, the goalkeeper position appointed by Degea, defensive line, McNair, Smolin, Rojo composed of three halfback, wing guard continues to Valencia and Ashley - Young, midfield, then by Michael Carrick, Fellaini and Mata composed partner Wayne Rooney up front is Robin van Persie. Bench include Lindegaard, Evans, Herrera, Fletcher, Gunuzhayi, Wilson and Falcao Buy Fifa 15 Coins.


Manchester United players played: 1- Degea / 33- McNair (39 ', 21 Indre - Herrera), 12- Smolin (18', 6-Evans), 5 Rojo / Carrick 16-, 31- Fellaini, 25 Valencia, 18 Ashley - Young, 8- Mata (89 ', 24 Fletcher) / 10- Wayne Rooney, Robin van Persie 20- From the choice of the starting lineup will be difficult to see Van Gaal based game set the tone is based on the first building in the backcourt, but the whole process of the game basically reflects the team's guiding ideology. We can say that Manchester United won the match but lost the process, perhaps Manchester United we stand to see is a perspective, even a bit dull ugly game. It dull, the whole game even if Manchester United failed to really play with a smooth front, the whole game only three shots on two goals in return, not so much efficient offensive team, it would lament the sentence again: there thigh hold good! It ugly, the game does not fully understand the tactical success for Van Gaal caused even imagine we say in Dutch, despite the results seems to be reflected in the implementation process, but it has a lot to be desired place. Of course, in a long season, we should not blame the team went to every game kicked out of a high enough level of the game, sometimes using the most practical way to get to one aspect of the results of the most wanted is actually reflected in their own strength. However, we must point out that, in the development of appropriate tactics, while the field players whether they can actually be implemented, this is regarded as a prerequisite to judge whether or not a game on the elements of success.

We said before the game Manchester United in the choice of the starting lineup compared to the last round of league altogether made two personnel adjustments, which are replaced by Herrera and McNair Wilson and Wayne Rooney. If the last round of truce starting on Rooney overwhelmed return once regarded as an inevitable choice, then let the teenager Mike McConnell to replace Herrera bit surprised how many people. On the one hand, the injured Di Maria Herrera staged a stunning comeback birth, his performance in the last two rounds of the game for all to see, it can be said that he and Fellaini, Mata and the composition of the team midfielder Michael Carrick played well, four players each play a different role, the team has recently become fluently in midfield comb. On the other hand, McNair had basically played with emergency players, Van Gaal Bianzhao he was not really in the tactical conducted, it is clear that on-man defensive ability and personal game experience, McNair in the guard position there is considerable room for growth, wanted him to work independently in the defense truly is clearly premature. And the team's defensive system back four can be considered in the near future has been further drill and received good results, so make adjustments in the defensive line actually want at great risk.AD: Buy FIFA 14 Coins and Fifa 15 Coins PC, XBOX 360, XBOX ONE, PS3, PS4, Android, IOS Service on FIFA14CoinsOk.com.Buy FIFA 15 coins Fast Delivery and Lowest Prices !

Obviously, starting with McNair, he and Smolin and rojo to compose a team in this game three defender defense system. Van Gaal Why in this field and Southampton defender game played it back to three again? This problem does not seem difficult to understand, is the use of defensive numbers superimposed indirectly enhanced defensive efficiency. First, the game rivals Southampton team does have good strength, before the beginning of the current round of the league is among the top three in the league, but they are playing at home, so Manchester United Tuen heavily on defense is understandable. Secondly, the opponent for Southampton, the other frontcourt trio Pellet, Tadic, 肖恩朗 have great impact, coupled with the speed within a decent horse, in fact, for the Manchester United defender's impact is positive considerable. Three-defender's defensive system is, in fact, when you fall into defensive positions to form a five-person plane even more defensive offensive launched to curb the other side. In addition, Southampton frontcourt this season a very important feature is to grab a high level is very positive, increasing the number of people in the backcourt but also to increase the maximum possible collusion point corresponding region.

Manchester United once again playing the game three defender, increase the number of Central defense might be designed for Southampton, but the actual effect is not good.

That the practical effect of ours? The least we can say that a similar idea and not with the start of the game is well implemented. First is the increase in the number of defensive problems, changing back four three defender and two wing backs into two guard, it seems that we should not say more with less general defensive numbers, after all, in the local area there is a big mobility, which depends on the players' individual abilities and for the execution of tactics. Such changes, in fact, for the defense of the width of the front of the field after each defensive player to be responsible for the increase, which the defender of individual ability made high demands. Not only requires them to have some ball-handling skills and the ability to timely ball, while the need to strengthen the defense and protection of each other's echoes, either fighting each other at the same time they need to ensure that the overall firm. Of course, when you fall into a defensive position, two side wing guard to promptly fall, forming a five-man defense plane, while 352 to 532 conversion, it seems to increase the defense area, but in fact it virtually lost for protect and control the midfield at the closed top. On the one hand side wing guard players to take into account the depth of recycling positive impact brought by the defense, on the other hand must also be done for the defense up against the wings, which are undoubtedly increased the capacity requirements for individual players. Also at the time of the attack to turn defensive, once back on defense winger David is not timely, the party three defender is likely to face each other in a direct attack group, return to the game, Southampton often in the attack will form a 3 4 attack of the plane, then the pressure Manchester United faced a three-guard can imagine Cheap Fifa 15 Coins.

The game Manchester United hope to increase the number of defense to help the station after the team relies on three lines more compact, and of course from the start point of view, the team's formation should keep quite good, not when from defensive to offensive rush to the press, and in turn defensive attack by the defense but also to ensure the timely return. But the situation when the team fell into defensive positions, are often localized within the Manchester United defense in the number of distinct advantages, but individual defensive players did not appear clear responsibilities phenomenon is that they do not know everyone really need to take defensive duties, people tend to focus more on the same defensive position, but the more space left behind and beside the other. This is not just caused by the loss of the party resources has a direct impact on the overall layout of the defense. This means that, even if the defense team to ensure the advantages of local number, but the actual effect is not a good way, even greater vulnerability.

We say Southampton tactics is not complicated, they are two of the most distinctive features of the field is to focus on the high and frequent sent grab behind the ball. We rarely see that they will have too much space and stretching the width of the ball on offense, we can say played very simple and efficient, that is, pay close attention to Manchester United seems empty when two ribs behind for this position in fact, the ball just Southampton are good. The three most problematic defender system precisely behind the defender is closer to the sides of the air when, in fact, the first half of Southampton caught McNair and Rojo in this area is very strong, it is caused by two consecutive senseless mistakes. At a time when up against two winger David often more critical in this respect left Ashley - Young is undoubtedly the most well done, the whole game several times in one position on the success of the winning card for the protection of the ipsilateral teammate Rojo is also very positive.