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News description

Change jersey - Barcelona longer exposure moral high ground

 Barcelona have lost moral high ground

The decision on the classic red and blue jersey bar bars to prove this, like other clubs, like the Spanish giants are willing to make concessions for commercial interests

Anger: Barca fans abnormal resistance to stripe shirt into bars.

Spanish newspaper "World Sports Daily," this week's cover appears to be too straightforward - The "do not like" as a title, prominently playing in Barcelona jersey next season picture, though with a "No, thank you" probably more than most fans see the reaction of this kind is designed to be a lot. Abandoned the traditional red and blue vertical stripe, New Jersey became the red and blue stripes. Barcelona fans in a newspaper interview, 78 percent were against such a poor way to change the stripe design, criticized this change is the traditional insult. Horizontal stripes dreams and unpopular.

To change the shirt angry, looks like the first world countries that do not worry for a living person would do, not to mention the war has ended. To get from the pockets of fans endless wealth, club jersey update frequency Bi Taige - Woods swing also frequently change. Each season, the marketing department will change the old shirt design, and inject new elements of fashion for those who sweat breathable fibers. Or, as Cardiff City club has done, completely replacing the jersey color (early May 2012, Cardiff City's Malaysian investors to increase investment in the team made 100 million pounds, the expansion of capacity and construction of training facilities at home, but think blue represents unlucky in Asia, is a prerequisite in order to expand the market in red, in addition to replacing the team logo and jersey color, the more will be adopted by the nickname of "Bluebird" (Bluebirds) to "red Dragon" . (Red Dragons) proposal came out immediately angered fans organization, former Cardiff City captain Jason - Perry (Jason Perry) is selling more bluntly soul of the team -WIKI).

However, Barcelona, let the club's traditional markets like succumbed still make people feel too casual. After all, this is Barcelona ah! On their shirts, the Nou Camp stands a huge, all printed with the phrase slogan to promote their "more than a club." They explained that on the official website, which "more than a club" slogan meant Barcelona is a society rooted in the organization, the most important purpose is to support and promote the Catalan personality.

For generations, this tradition gives Barcelona particular moral superiority. Clubs are members, which allows them to despise those who try to dirty tricks from the supporters of the club where the profit. For decades, Barcelona refused to pollute their jersey chest advertising. Even in 2006, they allowed the club shirts printed advertising, but also UNICEF logo. So it becomes a story, when other clubs to sell to the highest bidder soul when Barcelona put their sacred territory dedicated to charity.

However, things are unpredictable. In recent years, Messi, Suarez, Neymar has become a weekly ambassador to Qatar. Barca pleasure to give up the sports world in the most iconic advertising land, it is used to publicize the State of Qatar Airways, even though this country harm the World Cup - the justice of football's greatest tournament. Now they are hostile to Barcelona and Madrid is no different opponent, and become like football throughout vulgar advertising.

Change the shirt design, reflecting how deep they delve too long in this lake opponent playing in sewage. Even convinced that Darwinian economics of baseball, still the jersey as sacrosanct place. They refused to give shirts branded business imprint, long shirt to keep consistent design. But Barca can no longer afford to adhere to these minutiae. It's all due to economic considerations. Even with the world's second annual income, even if you can earn 10 times in La Liga bottom club televised profits, Barcelona still operates under appalling losses. Now, they caught a total of 500 million Euro debt, if their business partners Nike suggested that horizontal stripes designed to promote jersey sales, who will stand up against it? So sell it.

After that, we probably should not be surprised why. After all, a desire contrary to the concept of La Masia jersey has been designed. As the most valuable assets in Barcelona, La Masia let the world's most delicate where players learn technical skills. To some extent, it is a great La Masia, the club can be arrogant contempt for those who bought the star instead of the culture of the club superstar.

However, Masia no longer looks like it to me. Yts initial goal is to train local talent Catalonia, but a long time ago because of the pursuit of the interests of being subverted. FIFA imposed the ban against Barcelona two transfer windows, because Barcelona under the existence of irregularities in the purchase of foreign players on the 18 years of operation. It is worrying that this violation in that there is a habitual, regularization of young players for the protection of the interests of the system ignored. Thus, when the behavior of Barcelona FIFA irregularities found, people have finally realized that Barcelona has been occupied the moral high ground has disappeared.

Barcelona's response was to appeal to the International Court of Arbitration for Sport. During the appeal, the transfer ban is suspended. To take advantage of this probation, the club is also high throw 128 million pounds this summer. On Friday, the International Court of Arbitration will announce the outcome of arbitration, while Barcelona will know whether they can bring in new players next month. If the club is successful, then there is no doubt that the new players in the future will wear striped shirt debut.

This week on the sad history of Barcelona. Now they show themselves and others that the club is no different, really, "more than a club."

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