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From poverty to Porto: Why Jackson - Martinez move to the Premiership is ripe

Jackson - Martinez this year by our selection into the ranks of hundreds of great men of world football, the Portuguese striker expert Tom Kundert forecast rapid progress will be much sought after in the Premier League next year summer.

Although Jackson - Martinez is on the South American arena shooter, but when he joined Porto, few expect 2012 will be to replicate his compatriot Falcao glory. Falcao in two seasons at Porto very brilliant record, as the team scored 72 goals. However, Martinez joined Porto after two years, you can only sigh Martinez and Falcao as good.

Until recently, his goals and Falcao was unchanged, although many with more than 20 games, but he scored a record 75 goals in 110 games is still very alarming. Besides, you need to take into account, Falcao behind at the peak of the year have Hulk, Hamas - Rodriguez and Moutinho for his passing, but it is clearly not so luxurious Martinez team assistance.

In Portugal, Martinez gave the impression is often the Savior. But Porto this summer signings generous changed this situation, Martinez can match his side more than the strength of the high-level helper. This is a direct result of his goals this season in higher efficiency, so far he has scored 15 goals in 19 games.

Feet can be shot, to create the golf Zhengding constant threat, but also has a sense of smell striker in the penalty area, these conditions make him a versatile striker. At the same time, he is also able to penetrate some incredible goals, for example, against Sporting Lisbon game, Martinez observed with peripheral vision after goalkeeper position, direct backs goalkeeper Dianshe heel broke.

Victor - Pereira is Martinez in Porto during the first official head coach, in his account, Martinez got in the season when the Portuguese champion and top scorer last season. For Pereira, there's no doubt that the Colombian striker who is the best.

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When asked what the name of the shooter after the first successful season, Pereira said:. "We looked at him three years earlier to introduce him if we could spend less transfer fee, then he can Colombian club move to Mexico. "

"His technique is quite good, but also very strong personality, but also features a world-class player. I believe that with his growth and progress, he has become more mature, more professional, all this shows that he will become the world's most one good player. "

Hunger, shy and ashamed Jackson - Martinez became the star of course is a classic story of the poor to the rich. In 2004, Colombia's Independiente Medellin inspected Martinez, when he was playing in a local league. His poor families do not have the money sent to him more than 200 kilometers outside of Colombia's second largest city from his hometown of fabric. But his father was decided to raise their savings at home, will send his son on the road.

Pedro Martinez's first coach - Sami Hameln more, said the young man's body is obviously slender lead to malnutrition, he must have money to feed themselves. Sami Endor much told Portuguese football website Maisfutebol: "He ate well, there are often several days a week in addition to becoming a professional player starving, he has other aspects of the really bad I bought him. shorts, socks, shin pads and shoes, so he can go to training. his poverty almost to a state. "

Worse, Martinez too restrained, hardly speak. Sami Endor multi continued:. "He was almost like a wall, like a silent, he often train was late, I told him growl, he is also no response to other people told me later, I learned that he can only walk every day because there is no money two hours to train, spend two hours after the end of the train to go back. I forced him to speak, he did not even recognize his pocket a peso. his family is going through a difficult period, there is no money to give him. so I took him to the house, let him be a part of my family members. "

Colombians in the Champions League this season, finally found the break feeling

Early fame and money for Martinez, is a distant dream, especially in the beginning when he has an unfortunate adult team career after.Sami Endor explains:. "When he was first off the bench to complete the first show, and then within that short time, he was constantly booed by the fans and insult"

"I believe that is one of the few under his thin body pair potential of people there. I felt he was a bit special, and therefore do not want to give him. Taking into account the home fans in his first show violent behavior, so I re-send his debut after a period of time. we set out to Bucaramanga that game, I let him send his match with anger to destroy the other side, then on the fans never discriminated against him . "

Jackson - Martinez independent team in the first month's salary is almost 400,000 pesos (about 172 euros), in other words, not much can be used almost the cost of living. Independiente President Fernando - Jimenez told Maisfutebol, after completing his first show in a formal sense in Martinez, his salary has been greatly improved.

Jimenez said: "After our conversation and coaches, we know that Martinez is not a good situation the way he looks sad before the game started, I sat down beside him and said to him, 'Tomorrow you. starters, you can earn 800,000 pesos '. so he smiled that smile I never add too.' " Jimenez recalled, in addition to the team fans start to his suspicion, he came to the team in the first week of training, he often praised by coach openings. And on the fifth day of training, they are completely conquered by him. "Where did you find him? He's a star!

Soaring Martinez performance in the first owner and Porto, completely to the doubters to prove them wrong, but he was still in Chiapas, Mexico during the Jaguars proved himself. So the question is: Can he turn his career after a decade, eventually joined the mainstream European leagues? Physical confrontation, it is no longer a problem for Martinez, has no one will worry about his strength. He is now strong body will feel fear any defender.

Martinez in the war in Europe in the past few seasons is probably unstable performance clubs yet olive reasons (19 games 6 goals) thrown to him. At the same time, he also missed opportunities ability criticized by others (especially those poor penalty record), in a more competitive league, he would not like to get so many chances in Portuguese.

But with age, perhaps now time is ripe. This season, he scored in seven games in the Champions League group stage six goals, while in Brazil the World Cup, he finished the game against Japan in the World Cup for the first time starter, scored the final two goals.

Martinez potential buyers may be scared off his high termination fee, in addition, we all know, Porto is truly unscrupulous Europe. But it is worth noting that in August this year, Martinez's termination fee from € 40 million down to 35 million euros, while his contract was extended and improved.

Portuguese generally believe that Porto do so in order to retain Martinez for a season, did not sell in the summer next year to prepare. Martinez wanted to leave now rumors have been spread, Colombians knows that he is now 28 years old, for a striker, if we do not move to a high-priced European clubs, perhaps no chance.

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