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News description

Sanchez and Aguero sidelined, QPR Premier League is really God front thigh Austin

 Forget Alexis Sanchez and Sergio Aguero - QPR striker Charlie Austin is the most valuable player in the Premier League

Although Sergio - Aguero and Alexis - Sanchez scored more, but this season for the team to get points They do not compare the proportion of Charlie - Austin.

Scores for the team to get direct proportion, the most thick thighs who is the Premier League's (MVP) it?

According to the analysis provided by Opta Sports, the answer is not Aguero nor gunmen array of Sanchez, but Queens Park Rangers striker Charlie - Austin.

This three strikers Great God for the team so far this season have earned 7 points, fourth place is the Spurs Christian - Sven-Goran Eriksson, who also is the team to get the same score. Followed by Leicester City team Ulloa, he contributed to the team total of six points.

Although Aguero in these four players are currently the most goals, scored a total of 14 goals for Manchester City, while the second number is the contribution Sanchez 9-ball, as well as excellent the only non-striker Eriksson efficiently scored five goals, but they scored seven goals, but better than Austin, the proportion of total team credit score his goals this season for the team to get the maximum.

Queens Park Rangers because now only 11 points, and Austin on the contribution of seven points, accounting for an incredible 63% of GDP. And Aguero for Manchester City's contribution of 23 percent, 30 points, Arsenal got 23 points inside Sanchez contributed 30%, Spurs 20 which has 35% of the integral Eriksson credit.

Austin against the Thunder team gains the first ball of the season, and the team to a 1-0 win, he will draw a minute into a 3 points; face Aston Villa scored twice to force him to help the team 2- 0 win, 1 point will change again for 3 minutes; against Leicester City game he scored the winning goal led the team to win 3-2, 2-2 to face Manchester City game he scored a goal for the team take a minute.

Austin's seven goals which only two considered "useless" goal, he was with the team on the road 1-2 were lost to Southampton and Chelsea each scored. In fact, the nature of these two goals is not a consolation goal in two games helped the team to tie the game, the team won almost integral again.

If he had not missed a penalty in the season opener, Oswald could have used eight integral to distinguish yourself, and the team eventually lost 0-1 at home to Hull City team.

Nevertheless, Austin valuable contribution level is called the phenomenon, he will harvest in 13 league seven goals, which means that he is still maintained an average of two games each will be able to get a ball fetched efficiency.

The 25-year-old striker since five years ago to join the team semi-professional team Poole Town (Poole Town), he was at every level of the game they participate in to achieve (usually more than) the average level of the players.

Go to Austin from England League B, and from the United Kingdom rose to the Premiership crown, that his career goals and averaged 0.53 goals remain, has never had to decline.

Not surprisingly, Austin's performance attracted the England coach Roy - Hodgson's attention, who went to the site to watch his team home draw against Manchester City, and consider Austin played in the Euro 2016 qualifier against Slovenia the game, as well as a friendly against Scotland.

Hodgson has always bothered scoring rate averaging concept, he often ignore such data, and question the value into "the game 4-0 in the fourth ball" where. Even so, he still noticed a lot of goals in Austin are decisive, even if it is too small because the overall goal Queens Park Rangers, only highlighted his importance.

If Austin can get England call first, he also faces many competitors. The next England squad will be announced in March next year, he entered the lineup of competitors, including West Bromwich Albion striker last season and more - Bella Heanor, Tottenham striker Harry - Kane, and another one England U-21 striker Danny - Ince, on Saturday he will follow former club Burnley Austin guest Loftus Road Stadium.

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