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News description

Football futurology: the next 50 years, the technology of how to change the sport

Decades later, the robot soccer may become very common and may miniature camera mounted on the shirt, the fans may be able to control the player via smartphone. Of course, these are now sounds somewhat whimsical.


Earlier this year, the smart phone maker HTC and "futurist" Ian - Pearson (Ian Pearson) Dr. co-wrote "The future of football," a text. This is actually a very interesting report, technology companies like a group of students, their imagination, wrote the next 50 years of life will be. Admittedly, some of the ideas in the report looks more mature than others (specifically, for example, one proposal is "electronic hat and scarf"), there really can be seen behind it serious thought.

The most attractive part of me, the report proposes the team can interact with the audience, directly affects the players on specific instructions. "This may be linked to the phone's accelerometer, so more people personally have a greater say." Report explained. Fans all over the years to encourage players to use gestures, this invention will be popular.

The report also includes many other exciting content. Embedded in the shirt from miniature camera, to strengthen the fans' atmosphere management "shock seats, no one curled up in the flagpole idea, no idea was being detained in a border inside boring. But before we dove into the brave new world, I might want to track the latest developments in technology in football cautious. Frankly, technological advances, and not very much. Yes, one of the highlights of the Brazilian World Cup referee is to use spray foam in a penalty kick before players draw a line. But the kick spray foam technology is one of the few successful application of technology, on a similar success dates back to the floodlights in the 1950s is widely introduced.

Now people are always on the court criticized the technology to bring a lot of negative effects, such as large-scale manipulation of single bets, Richard - Gisborne, Saturday afternoon kick-off system to abolish three, Wayne - Wayne Rooney's hair and front two version Liverpool away jersey. This is a criminal record. Some might point out that the success of the gate line technology proved significance of innovation. But despite now except Jonathan Pearce, everyone recognizes the goal line technology to improve the efficiency of the goal judge, but if you conclude that the introduction of goal-line technology for the development of football is a good thing, it is not without problems.

March, Bundesliga refused to introduce goal-line technology, which is largely due to the League voted against the team, they are worried about the introduction of goal-line technology will bring high installation costs (the cost could reach € 500 000). Premier League is much luckier, they do not need to be responsible for the lower leagues, so the English football is now a little technical discrimination - the two systems in a goal-line technology and the other did not, because the game's top penalty for high accuracy requirements, but for the playoff semifinals, but not so high requirements.

At the same time, some people criticize the gate line technology will bring greater shock, this criticism appears to have been proved to be correct. Just four years ago, Sapp - Blatter (Sepp Blatter) openly opposed the introduction of video playback in the game, that is to protect the "purity of the game and universality," but he has recently overturned his remarks. Dutch Football Association has begun a trial Hawkeye technology to test whether the future of video game may be established by a responsible official to communicate with the referee.

What drives a fanatical obsession with technology? For the television and technology companies, the answer is obvious. The world's top club only a small part of the fans a chance to experience the game in the field, if we make the fans outside the stadium there is a real experience, then it must be profitable. We can laugh at whim HTC's "football future," but they envisioned the future has already arrived.

Less than a month after the release of this report, in which an idea becomes a reality, Manchester United and Google co at Old Trafford game progresses, the fan's face onto a golf course surrounded by digital screens . This is no different with the modern football game edge gimmick, this new thing is up in the fans only cause confusion.

What is more worrying is that the rules of the game may change and innovation. It is said that people always think football is now at its highest level, you can not have anything to break the experience of certainty - even the end of a purely sexual and universality of football too.

Perhaps due to the success of incentive kick foam spray, Blatter is now more keen to encourage further innovation, to add to their merits a book. But solving the problem of cross-border kick spray foam is a very simple way, it allows the introduction of video playback coach questioned the gap is not a star the slightest referee between the two. If you hit the bottom line, so in order to compensate for the loss needs is far more than the magic spray.

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