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Gary Neville Rubric: The Road Ahead Gerrard how to go?



When Gerrard should inevitably make some major decisions, he has entered into his career, "storm the stage." I was so stressed, because I'm still in an exploratory stage of life, and he would eventually like me, the face of such a phase.

A player's life is divided into two parts, from 35 to 40 years old, players will feel like they look back to the age of 16, in the future, his eyes blank. In fact, until now, I have only just begun clearly feel, what they want to live after retirement is like. Gerrard certainly have the right to carefully consider his future, what is the best for him.

This week, Steven Gerrard tells Liverpool fans, he would an appropriate time to tell their own final decisions. In my opinion, this is a very sensible approach, but I do not understand what caused so much from where this attack. The idea that Gerrard to make a decision before Christmas of view, really made me feel very strange, I can accept the way that we should sit down calmly, without any fighting.

At this age, your heart will always feel that they are in a vulnerable stage, Gerrard should be as well. Your heart always fluctuating, your cognitive ability on their own, with each passing day is always very different. It will affect your sense of self-worth on the judgment: first you say, "I can play another two or three years here." But after 24 hours, your mind have a voice, "I want to end career. "

I have experienced such a stage of my peers who are also experienced this stage. At that time some of the problems are constantly bothering you: The end? When is the right time? People will say, you always know when is the right time, okay, but in many ways, I really do not know. I was 35 years old when it made a compromise - to consider at the end of the season to end his career. Then it should be in April or May when, in the last 10 games I played eight games, it is this situation so I created a false sense of security. Manchester United and I want to renew a year, but even when I coach, general manager, to discuss this matter, I can still hear the voice of the people doubt. Although the training time and then I have declined in the game, but the season last 6-8 games are very successful. Later, I realized that the reason is that I played more freely, and I know these games for Manchester United will be my last few games, it makes me feel energetic.

The following season in open season on the first day I was a calf strain, six months later announced his retirement. In these six months, almost every day I was thinking, "When I made a wrong decision." This is my personal rule of thumb, when I saw Steven Gerrard, I really feel he two or three years longer kick, but the question is how to use and manage him.

Emphasize again, too anxious to make a major decision, it will be counterproductive. In my opinion, Steven Gerrard and Liverpool should make the final decision at the next year in March or April, Liverpool should lose him, making a good (or are developing) a plan. Although Gerrard very prominent, but for any one 34-year-old players, this is going to have to face. Of course, on the other hand, Steven Gerrard should also be aware that he is approaching the end of his career. Given so many players have had this experience, in solving this problem, which does not have a generic manual, or one or the right or wrong way Buy Fifa 15 Coins.

Typically, a 34-year-old player will always be asked countless times to a question: What are you going to do after retirement? It makes me feel like asking a 16 year old recently graduated students in the next six to seven years. What are you going to do? In fact, most people have no clue. For most of the retired players, the future development of nothing more than the following: switched to the media, as a newspaper commentator, served as ambassador for the club, the coach or the team management had engaged role. I think that any 33-year-old players will have their own considerations, even though his job is to continue to play well for the club. If you're 27 years old, interested in developing your business, media interest, or obtain a certificate of coaches, people will say you spiritual power of concentration. But forget the right, you are now 33 years old, you have to be in your life for the next 30 years, early plans, in front of you is a huge black hole, you have to make plans for crossing it.

What is you want to get in the second stage of life? Success is what? I summarize come the answer is: I want to get more achievements than when I first 20 years at Manchester United. This is a big ambition, in fact, I could stay at Manchester United to fill some vacancies, but I do not want to rely on Manchester United, or in the future is that people believe - Gary Neville just a "former Manchester United player."

It was a little conceited, but I really wanted to find a new life, completely separated from the Manchester United, I just want the fans to the role of a presence, will no longer be provided for my career outside the box. I want to take advantage of 4-5 years, found that the world is still exactly what happened, you know, before I know only Manchester United.

Last week, I happened to meet a 28-year-old English Premier League player, he is learning the broadcast and media professionals. Hear him talk, to see his own future well-planned, I feel encouraged. So, I want to ask him to participate in our television programs.

Now, I have a number of roles: TV broadcast host, "Daily Telegraph" columnist, England assistant. However, this situation will end. I have to concentrate in the Sky Sports presenter and England assistant four years time, I would not be stupid enough to think that they will never be able to work that blend just right.

32-year-old to 33 years old, I suffered a serious injury, which gave me 12 months to consider carefully their own future. A top coaches told me that the first three years after you retire, the most important thing is not what you do, but you will not do anything. You can build your career in football, started your reputation, but often because of temporary haste and anxiety, make a wrong decision and missed opportunities Cheap Fifa 15 Coins.

Currently, Steven Gerrard and Henry is in a stage where they have to make the right decision. Vieira is a good example, he engaged in Manchester City youth academy, to improve their level of knowledge. Likewise, I had to make my decision, is engaged in coaching, or stay in the media circle. I spent four years to study it, and I think now I'm more qualified to make a choice. Not suitable for a formal role in Steven Gerrard, it is impossible to make him satisfied. Ryan Giggs at Manchester United, Edwin van der Sar at Ajax, have gained a real sense of the work, if the club only willing to provide him with a formal role, Jamie Carragher, Steven Gerrard may be considered to follow, to break this bondage, create your own sense of presence. Gerrard is smart enough to let things be properly addressed.