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Huesca VS Barcelona: Excellent work is expected 0-4

 Barcelona (official data) in the King's Cup final on Wednesday night sixteenth carried a 4-0 victory over second division B team Huesca.

韦斯卡VS巴塞罗那:出色工作 0-4是意料之中

Rakitic, Iniesta (data), Pedro and Rafinha's goal to help Barcelona (microblogging official website official data) to win the second leg on December 16 will be at the Nou Camp.

Louis - Enrique's starting lineup includes many fringe players, but the team performance in the game against lower league opponents well. Although many critics thought the ball would Maxi Pu starter, but eventually won the starting position Teershite root, while the 40-day injury absence Andre - Iniesta also a starter.

Early lead

In Aragon a cold night, the game start you can see the huge disparity in power between the two teams, but Barcelona took only 11 minutes to get the lead. Outstanding performance in the first half of the perfect Rakitic penalty kick into the goal after flying around the wall. Just five minutes later, after a perfect teamwork, Iniesta restricted area before the shot scored the first goal of the season.

Game played only 15 minutes, Barcelona on 2-0 lead, but no longer retreat Huesca halftime. Their positive attitude is almost paid off, highly dynamic Huesca players got a chance to one-Guilhem the keeper, but the German goalkeeper Teershite root has closed out his shot.

Pedro scored the third goal

Barca quickly into the third ball to seal the victory, the first 38 minutes pass Iniesta Pedro. Canary winger cut inside to go past the goalkeeper Danny Huesca - after Jimenez broke.

The situation is exactly the same in the second half. The home team as the visitors got a lot of scoring chances, but the visitors' defense solid as a rock, roots Teershite also saves repeatedly closed out the opponent's goal.

When 26 minutes left in the game when Enrique let Edgar - yeah replace Mathieu played, this is the name of the first born in Guinea-Bissau defender played for Barcelona.

The first 71 minutes, the restricted area before the shot Rafinha helped Barcelona to expand the lead. This is the first time Rafinha Barcelona first team to break.

Huesca insist on fighting

There are 15 minutes in the game, Barca win has no doubt, but still trying to attack Huesca, look into the consolation goals. They almost broke, Ace Ned's long-range almost broke, but after Ji Young steals Douglas cross, but Ace Ned's shot was blocked out Teershite root. Ji Young's shot was blocked Baltra.

Huesca's performance is quite brave, but still lost to the strength of superior Barcelona. Second leg match will be carried out in December 16, after a 4-0 first leg win, the second leg will look a mere formality.

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