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Actually never a real problem of EA Sports FIFA and its franchise

Overall, we could simply wanted a lot more new features of the game modes, but unfortunately there are not flat. Not even the career mode. Here, although the menu is now slightly changed, the Gameday presentation drilled something and that many users only conditionally beloved Scout system has undergone a revision relating to automatic proposals, but overall it just lacks the Great, was the change that cause the mode work differently than a year ago. Especially the personal playing career is as pale as ever. You're still missing in FIFA 15 the thrilling aspect, such as a story-based professional career, instead it stays the execution of stupid little demanding tasks.

For this, but you can certainly have fun when it rages you in training on skill games in the Bundesliga again existing Virtual and of course in an online season in the latest FIFA offshoot on the PS4. Although there are only little new, but this game modes make quite as much humor that you can spend a few hours.

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There remains the license package. Actually never a real problem of EA Sports FIFA and its franchise. And so also in 2014. Bundesliga 2. Bundesliga, four English leagues, two Spanish and much, much more that can probably beat any footballer heart beat faster. By the way, yet again: The Turkish Süper Lig, indeed extremely missed by many in recent years. The European fan will therefore probably really have little trouble finding his favorite team and, of course to play. In particular, English FIFA disciples year can rejoice that they actually 15 find all 20 stages of the original active in the Premiere League teams in the current FIFA again. More is almost no longer. And then next year for our BuLi, EA.

Can criticize it happen once again that the teams were anything but current and authentic pressed on the BluRay. And, although the publisher probably owns all rights. Nevertheless partially disagree jerseys or running fantasy players for certain countries teams. Why this is so, we can probably only the publisher even answer.

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