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News description

PES 2015 VS FIFA 15! PES may not be completely defeated the 15th FIFA in terms of sales


EA's Ultimate Team mode, FIFA has won a major factor in them so much the fans. This is revolutionary, and retains many of the fans, because the franchise its implementation. Therefore, PES has been trying to throw in some of their new game mode competition.

Online gaming has gained a lot of attention, and Batty insisted local and network playback will be difficult to distinguish from each other in terms of speed and responsiveness. There are some other new features worth mentioning, including three three-VS mode, one person controlling four defender, another midfielder and a third striker, adding a unique challenge that will test not only your tactical intuition, but also you believe in your companions.

But their major development came in the form of myClub, which is an umbrella mode, which extends the existing Master League mode. Developers hope that this new model will be the fans looking for something new, a big draw factor from a football match. Users can add players to use accrued points in the game or through micro-transactions, build a team, they can take online or use the right partner.

All of these changes and major improvements led me to conclude that, although the PES may not be completely defeated on the 15th FIFA, very small waves on the road in terms of sales to create a football experience that will rival EA every step of the way. PES 2015 is the first step toward victory.

Batty believes that the establishment of a British team in the game's style influence. They want to instill a European style to the game for a long period of time, and for some fans, football matches from Japan feel unusual, slightly distant.

The PES has been the lack of a factor is their facial recognition. Their character design are closed, strange, I mean, take a look at the images below to get these special nature feeling. Although the development team to maintain, they are very happy to be with all the factors PES 2015, a single from the response to the shooting, and now instantly recognizable characters.

Each character is hand-drawn, making realistic awareness, they have to feel closer to how the game is really focused on hundreds of hours of play every footballer. In addition, the game runs fine in 60fps.

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