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iPhone / iPad version of "FIFA 14" manager mode players Recommended Raiders

 Share FIFA14 Raiders, FIFA14 player manager mode Raiders Detailed recommend strongly recommended Traore, FIFA14 manager mode players recommend a lot of players want to know how to arrange the most reasonable. Traore6 "tall and 8, speed can go to 79, strong 90, finish 88, header 86, as long as he could stand on both sides basically preach good bit slower, he basically can score, super high-efficiency goals.

To test the other tall players, also bought Sanogo, the players grow absolutely surprise you, I just bought the second quarter, had let him do Traore younger, but he has played 10 games in place of Traore made a positive election, he Traore is stronger than speed, I spent 10 to market, accelerated to 90, 92 speed, most can double the estimated 99, 95 strong, shot 82, the header 78, the only drawback is the low point and skill, but playing back when winger grab points more effective than his plug Traore, the collusion of the ground behind the ball fast enough ability Traore stronger than many, but not low height 6'3, so really easy to use, the key is that he Overall rating is still only 74, certainly on an estimated 80, when more value to cool.
         Since this version Bale has not sold to Real Madrid, Manchester City decisive I used to buy, this would not have said, all-around player, put AMC higher efficiency than that put both sides, because he's fast, tackling well, so put in the middle, the ball chance to fight back on a lot more.
          Rues and Gundogan a start value are good, Rues also up 1-2 points, Jing Duo Anji this does not rise.
          CDM position, Pogba, this is like used in Fifa13, at 14 on stronger, but I did not buy, prepare to see the third season and then bought, bought Malanda, accelerate the speed of 86 and 82, jumping 90, 99 strong like beast back to buy him, the only drawback is that the ball is rather poor, my stall was playing with his back to change, although only 5 '11, but the ball really strong card position
         M.Sissoko younger version of YaYa Tolei, speed, strength, ball control is more than 80, 75 interceptors, but high enough, has put Gundogan's first-choice position to grab the key is that he is cheap, but property has also been rising.
          Defender Mangala, 6 "3, speed 79, 86 strong, interception, Stand tackle are 80 or more, very easy to use. And has been growing, much better than nastasic, nastasic 13 is able to rise at 14 to play a season not rise that decisive sold.
           Fullback, walker body strong, fast, the only bad thing is to buy back the basic values do not rise, but enough. Left back alaba not rise.
            Ibabro, versatile striker, 79 Overall, the speed is already 95, and there are 78 strong, 88 ball, 86 skills, shot 75, has soared to buy back, at 14 is definitely the most cost effective.

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