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Barcelona Football Club, located in the Spanish city of Barcelona is one of the most successful clubs in world football

 In the Catalonia region of Spain, the significance of Barcelona football club has not only limited to one "

But it is representative of the national diplomatic football club "in the affairs outreach work, played an important role in foreign envoys. In addition, Barcelona Football Club brings together many people from other parts of Spain, for democratic rights and freedoms a lot of work, enough to prove that FC Barcelona has only exceeded the value and role of a sports club. the club has to mission and responsibility for the features, and strive to prove their worth to the world is important. Barcelona football club will love it people struggle for friendship and comprehensive effort.


Barcelona Football Club is one of the world's most famous club. The team known for hiring famous star and its own sound youth system known in international football, many superstars left their footprints here, such as the 1950s Kubala, Cruyff 70s, 80s horse La Duona 1990s, Romario, Ronaldo, Rivaldo, Guardiola and Ronaldinho in previous years, Deco, Henry, Ibrahimovic are international in each period football representatives, both in their respective national team leader. And the team Valdes, Puyol, Xavi, Iniesta, Busquets, Messi, Pedro, Fabregas is coming out on behalf of the top players from the Barcelona youth system . 1899, Barcelona club was founded, most of which are in England and Germany, foreigners, only a small part of the local people in Barcelona. December 1899, the team for the first time participate in the competition, under the influence and promote the team, the Spanish royal family decided to create the Spanish King's Cup. 1901, the first held in the King Cup, but failed to do so trophy Barcelona until 1910 was the first time atop, followed in 1912,1913 year trophy twice. With the popularity of football development in Spain, the Spanish Football Federation decided to establish a formal league system in 1928. In the first league, Barcelona won one fell swoop, but in connection
Early Barcelona Football Club
Early Barcelona Football Club
Down more than ten years, the team performance is not satisfactory, failed to win again. Until 1945, the team was returning to 16 years to get the league title.
Real Madrid and Barcelona, Spain, this two green giants are born deep-seated antagonists, for many years has been infighting. "White Madrid" and "red and blue army" in the whole of Spain and the game has always been a hot topic in Europe. Duel between them never been a lack of gunpowder. And between them there are few players do not move back, "Judas" charges, more famous is Barcelona captain Luis Figo's transfer, this move has become a turning point for both teams, after this Barcelona due to the lack of core real key moments, the results have been poor, compared to its rivals, Real Madrid's influence is going global. 03-04 season, with the new president Joan Laporta, new coach Frank Rijkaard and Ronaldinho's new core added, Barca created a brilliant dream two times, for five consecutive years won the Catalan Asian Cup and Catalonia
FC Barcelona players
FC Barcelona players
Catalonia Super Bowl, announced to the world the strong recovery in Barcelona. Under the leadership of Frank Rijkaard, Barcelona won a total of five seasons, two league titles, a European champion and a King's Cup, but the 07-08 season slump again forced the coach with the change candidate, former  King Pu pointer Guardiola took over in the midst of the voices of doubt. 08-09, melon handsome coached a team's first season, FC Barcelona under the leadership of Guardiola won the La Liga title, the Champions League and the Spanish King's Cup, and in the first half of the 09-10 season (2009) also won the European Super Cup, Spanish Super Cup and World Club Cup, and won an unprecedented six-time winner of the title in 2009, one stroke ahead of the 1972 record five-time winner Ajax (Eredivisie champions, Dutch Cup champions, Champions League, European Super Cup, Toyota Cup) and the 2001 Dalian Shide five crown an Asian record (FA Cup Champions League A National Games champion super Bowl champion Asian Cup Winners Cup international soccer championship runner-up) it also marks the Barcelona "dream three dynasty" was born.

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