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FIFA15 how to get good success in D1 league would need to be carefully with a good lineup

 In fact, there are two sets of half, Portugal early and late version 2, the initial cheaper. Within two sets 6w can get. Chemistry can not coach everyone to 10 (requires loyalty bonus after)

1: Portugal Eupolyphaga Cock wire array

Description: ST eder is to 350, the field uniform ball over is not a problem. Others are not expensive.


1.5: Portugal Luxury Cock wire array

Description: the D3, D2 St eder began after die. Originally close to the efficiency averaging 2 goals fall directly only about a ball, then you can look at a small upgrade, can still everyone chemical to 10.

FIFA15 d1 lineup Recommended
2: soil over the All-Star:

Description: The absolute value choice, ST emenike now also about 7k, speed 88, shot 80, the body 83. The value is not high, many people do not look to see if the specific values are very powerful.

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