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Earthquake! German Football Federation Chairman shelling: UEFA will quit FIFA

Because of FIFA World Cup bid Ethics Committee investigation report released much controversy, FIFA once again embarked on a cusp of public opinion, not only the FA complained, according to ESPN news, the German Football League main  Laubal also expressed dissatisfaction in the "kicker" magazine interview, the German giant revealed that UEFA may withdraw from FIFA.

Former US Attorney Michael - Garcia led group submitted to FIFA for up to 430 investigation reports, but FIFA announced only a small part of them, it is worth mentioning that, Michael - Garcia I this is also expressed dissatisfaction, he said this "summary" contains many incomplete material facts and the investigation report and conclusions expressed in the wrong, which is more caused a public outcry.


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German Football League main  Laubal FIFA also expressed dissatisfaction, he said in an interview, "To solve this thing must be a public inquiry report and Garcia's appeal, so that we can know in the end what are some of the allegations, and the ethics committee is how to deal with the matter. not only that, we should also assess whether those questions in the survey report did not mention should also be made public. "

"Everything should be made public, the only way to restore the lost credibility of FIFA, otherwise, certainly not convincing crisis is resolved, it will issue a doubt: FIFA control of our big hands are clean."

Afterward, the reporter asked if FIFA was unable to come up with convincing attitude, then the consequences will be, this, Reinhard - Dr. Laubal responded, "There is one thing that needs serious consideration, and that is enough in Europe Do you want to quit FIFA Union. "

German Football Federation president Wolfgang - Niersbach equally dissatisfied FIFA practice, he commented in an interview, "things are not in accordance with the way people want to get clarification, public skepticism has not been resolved."

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