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fifa15 ut novice play full resolution

In "fifa15" dream team (Ultimate Team) model is to buy genuine gamers prefer gameplay in this mode, players can buy players, build your best team, but such a model for the battle between players is also very good.

fifa15ut novice play full resolution

This article contains the following main issues:

- Dream Team, Dream Team web version and mobile app

- FIFA Point (also known as the Green Point)

- The concept of team

- Loan

- Friendship Season

- Physical

A. About Dream Team, Dream Team web version and mobile app problems

How can I play FUT?

Very simple and requires only the following steps:

- Buy a genuine FIFA 15 game;

- Select the "Dream Team mode" in FIFA 15 main menu, then there will be a detailed tutorial;

- Set and create a secure password, and landed fantasy team mode.

Then you can FUT a normal landing.

2. How do I log Web edition FUT?

After only create a fantasy team in the game before you can use Web FUT, the address is: Point me

3. How to download FIFA 15 Mobile client?

Please make sure you have created an account in the game FUT after the Apple Store and can be downloaded from Google Play Store. If the phone is not Google Play Store, you can download from this address: point I am FIFA 15 Mobile Client name for FIFA 15 Companion App..

4. What kind of browser can properly use the Web version of FUT?

Need the latest version of Adobe Flash Player (Download the latest version: Point I) Other browser version recommend the following:

Firefox 29+ (PC and Mac)

Chrome 33.0+ (PC and Mac)

Internet Explorer 10+ (only supports PC)

Safari 5.0+ (PC)

Safari 6.0+ (Mac)

Opera browser is not supported

5. FIFA15 mobile version of the client can be run in any kind of operating environment?

- IOS System: iOS 6.0 or later, or iPhone 4

- Android System: Android 4.1 or later

- Windows Phone 8: 8.0 or later

6.'ve played FUT14, why I can not log in the Web version of FUT?

Required prior to August 1, 2014 to create FUT 14, otherwise unable to enter the game.

7. Why do I get rewarded with others is not the same?

- All the "old customers" will be subject to different incentives, the reward you get is based on the FUT 14 results. All the rewards can be charged in the "My Card Kit".

- Daily gift packages are randomly issued.

8. FUT 15 safe?

EA said that it is safe, you need to create a secure password before proceeding game. Specific details, see: How to ensure your FUT account security article.

9. If I have FUT accounts on multiple platforms, so I can feel free to use web ut or mobile client?

You can switch platform account.

2. With regard to FIFA Point

10. Can I transfer the FIFA Point 360 from Xbox to PlayStation 4 or from PlayStation 3 to Xbox One it?

It is not enough, FIFA Point does not currently support conversion between different platforms green dot. This action can only be the same platform models.

11. My point has not run FIFA 14, FIFA 15 can transfer?

Possible. Once you have landed in FUT 15, it will ask whether you want to transfer to FIFA 14 FIFA 15 Points species. You can ignore this message or choose not to transfer, or ask a while in the selection, or select the number of points you want to transfer FIFA.

12. How many times that I can transfer FIFA 14 points?

Only once, while the process is irreversible.

13. My FUT 14 coins can also be inherited to FIFA 15?


14. So when you can buy FIFA 15 points?

Now you can buy.

III. On the concept of team

fifa15ut novice play full resolution
15. What is the concept of the lineup?

Specifically as a tool for planning the lineup. Used to simulate the formation of the lineup, etc., you can directly see the value of the chemical reaction between the players.

IV. Players on loan

fifa15ut novice play full resolution
17. How can loan players?

When you first create a club in FUT 15, you have the opportunity to choose whether to rent a player for free. Other players can unlock the EA Football Club catalogue in.

18. A player can play a few times on loan?

On the player card can visually see

19. Why is the player's loan contracts vary in length?

According to the players decide the value of the length of the lease contract.

V. questions about the friendship of the season

fifa15ut novice play full resolution
20. How many friends I can be a friend of the season?

How much of your friend and that friend can be friendship season.

21. a friendship season to be how many games?

5 games.

VI. Questions about physical fitness

22. I find that my players are very poor physical fitness, how to recover?

There are two ways to solve physical problems, one is the use of disposable items in the regeneration card, or will need to restore physical fitness of the players into the lineup.

The players into the lineup can restore some of the physical, but the recovery value of the physical exertion of the players concerned, as follows:

Current regeneration value
85-100 +10
70-85 +15
50-69 +20
35-49 +25
0-34 +35
23. How to use the physical card?

In the "current line-up," the team physical interface card can be used, as follows "

- The Fifa 15 Xbox One Coins, press Y

- In the Fifa 15 PS3 Coins, attach the triangle button

- In the Fifa 15 PC Coins, press Squad Actions button

After selecting the appropriate physical card.

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