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FIFA15 Detailed practical operation passing style

FIFA15 the requirements of the operation is still very high, these operations is essential for you to win the game, the ball is very important, at the right time to choose the right pass method, the following practical for everyone to bring FIFA15 pass mode operation Detailed.

FIFA15 Detailed practical operation passing style

1, the cross (for computers, humans)

A button, Y button

Explanation: football, many people think that the direction of the ball have to run to the goal, it ignores the lateral movement of the ball.

To play suddenly cross effect, you must use the ground a short pass. And there are two short passes, is transmitted A key Zhise accurate delivery and Y keys.

Two ways for two different circumstances, more accurately convey the A key to find teammates, once the player when running the A button to select the transfer, and most likely will make adult behind the front, then the ball is likely to be opponents effortlessly away.

So under normal circumstances are other teammates transverse gallop, refers particularly from forward runs after teammate, is to use the Y key horizontal Zhisai. This Zhise usual can be directly hit the door.

When in the slow line while teammate, and the players do not have much beside the enemy, you can directly accurate to him. Received such a pass, opponents will immediately approximation (players will not push the ball away from the feet), it also created an opportunity, you can immediately cast a turn for the transitional two door or pass.

2, a cross (for computers, humans) LB key + Y key, back key body + LB + Y key explanation: Played FIFA14 readers know, with a cross in the FIFA world has been strong enough to young and old alike are scrambling to use these moves. Cross and straight ball is not the same, straight ball is clear to see former teammate sudden trend, while rival defense players did not move, you can send. The cross is very different, even if it is behind the other players actions, as long as one second to see a hint of a breakthrough teammates can give him the opportunity to send a note with a cross.

3, the bottom line pass (for computers, humans) X key explanation: Falling bottom (line) for running ability, Smart higher player is very simple to do, directly to the bottom line according to RT to go. As long as the players ran into each other eyes have noticed there is a trend in the area, or run into a direct 90 ° heard a note to pass the ball, do not wait until after a firm foothold before the pass defense, must be the first time. Then it is likely to convey to his teammates in the restricted area, this time in the hinterland for the other hit the door, for the second pass is arbitrary.


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