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FIFA15 common problems and solutions

"FIFA15" The most common problem is the game entrance, followed by games flash back again ... Anyway, a lot of problems that brought FAQs below summarizes and solutions, we want to help.

FIFA15 common problems and solutions

- Before running DEMO not forget to check your computer configuration!

- Whether or N card A card, best to check and update your graphics card driver

- If the screen is delayed, and for the FIFA15DEMO use D3DOverrider open three cache and vertical sync

- If you hit a game crashes, do not forget to update your Direct X version.

- If you handle the button does not work, download Xbox360 handle relevant documents into FIFA 15 DEMO directory

- Install Win7 or Win8 support the latest version of .NET Framework program, to avoid the error.

- Your video card must support Direct X11 to run DEMO!

- By banning the game within the Origin feature to prevent FIFA 15 DEMO stuck in place EA LOGO appears: not through the game starts, directly open Origin (or turn off after starting 15 DEMO Config), find the "game within Origin" in the settings, the "inner-enabled game Origin" cancel.

- If you see the following message when installing DEMO ".. VC ++ runtime redistributable package was not installed successfully Setup can not continue", open the Origin Games \ FIFA 15 DEMO \ __ Installer \ vc \ vc2012Update3 \ redist directory, run vcredist_x64.exe finished Origin after returning to a normal installation DEMO.

- If you select the language interface game crashes, you need to re-install Windows Media Player This is because the game guide interface must have WMP support to run!. (Steps to install WMP's see here, I do not translate, and there are icon: http: //www.howtogeek.com/howto/26107/how-to-reinstall-windows-media-player-in-windows- 7-to-solve-problems /)

-FIFA 15 currently does not support special characters (such àéñõü). If your PC name or Windows username bear a special character, may cause the game to crash. If so, we recommend that you change the PC name and user name,

Process is as follows (from EA official, not translated): http: //answers.ea.com/t5/FIFA-14/FIFA-14-Crashes-or-Freezes-PC-version/mp/1565687#U1565687

- Still can not start the game, trying to get into my document, create a "FIFA 15 DEMO folders" and add two files, you can modify your own settings by content fifasetup.ini!

Another solution is to create relevant documents in the C root directory, then specify here. (Go to the original folder, right, property, select and specify the new file C disk directory folder)

- If your graphics performance too weak to run DEMO, can refer to: k73.com

- Use the DEMO players to play in the training field where the method (note that you can not exit the training ground!):

In FIFA 15 DEMO create a directory file named cl.ini, use Notepad to open, type the following characters:






Now you manipulate players are Neymar, while goalkeeper Joe Hart

Here are some other players ID:

Lionel Messi Messi:



Ibrahimovic Zlatan Ibrahimović:



Edin Džeko Dzeko:



Mats Hummels Hummels:



! - In your graphics console interface to add items DEMO N card, right click on the desktop, enter the graphics card control center (the official Chinese name forgot, I am using the book is A card, the following terms empathy - translator) enter manage 3D settings, programs, settings, add FIFA 15 EMO.EXE. A card user to download RadeonPro then add the FIFA 15 DEMO project. If you Caton is very powerful, you can debug directly in the respective project, until smooth

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