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FIFA 15 "FUT cheap and practical introduction player Recommended

"FIFA 15" Mūlamadhyamakakārikā nice player, it must be C Massey and the like, but their price is not cheap. Here we recommend the thousand or so players are cheap and easy to use, with a look.

    Lazio grams of God, although values in general,FUT Coins  but really easy to use. Heading left foot balanced, Qiangdian good sense, there is a high bounce value and cheaper prices.

    Florence, Mario Gomez, powerful front Pa, no solution in four crosses below the league tactics.
   Inter Palacio, fast, good dribbling, shooting well, the body can still, cheap, counter type player


    Naples is strongly recommended Kara macro, fast, good dribbling, can pass to shoot, inexpensive volume is full, feel good! In contrast J Lo, I may not use, good value but feel poor, slow ball when I thought it was Pirlo.

    Liverpool Markovic, fast feel good, cheap. Lennon is also good, although the high value but I think it is better to use Markovic, but all the thousand or so.
    Bayern Sacchi, a child handy ah, speed, dribbling, touch, flexible after blasting Ravitch, the price of your (and only 2000 or so), the only shot power shortage may be weak, but fundamental.
    Paradis, forget which team, the Argentine, when the small Ravitch with it, the beginning of a very affordable player.

   Recommended two Spanish right back, Barcelona's Montoya and another one called De Marx, are speed-type fullback, good dribbling and can plug in a field goal.

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