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News description

EA Sports are some of the newer football game FIFA 15, in the near future there will be the first patch.

FIFA 15 is re-ignited engines next version, which is also here this time of the PC version. Otherwise, a detailed new features. The graphics are adapted from the television transmission of color spectrum, grass, now exhausted. The reaction of the fans has been revised and incorporated into regional specificities.

The first patch the PC version of FIFA 15 is close to release. Buy Fifa 15 Coins Updates for other platforms will follow shortly afterwards. However, in order to update a specific release date yet neither the details about these changes, so far known. However, EA Sports, said that they wanted to include feedback from the ranks of the development of society in patches previously collected.

Shortly after the release of a serious mistake made FIFA 15 PC version is almost impossible to play. It all AI players, including goalkeeper run blindly into the circle, and the action teams have action Bambini meeting, that their players without the ball nachstürmen all.

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