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News description

FIFA15 demo introduces players to the operating skills and content

"FIFA15" coming, and today we took "FIFA15" demo version of the game content and game instructions, with the most real players in the game, the real action truest stadium. "FIFA15" ushered in a truly innovative screen, the player's body detail, Fifa 15 Android Coins action and physical damage effects are quite in place, and quickly catch up and see it.

Imprint This game is Ultimate Team version, contains the following:

FUT gold pack x40 [a weekly continuous 40 weeks]

Messi FUT Loan x1

History of the famous club shirts x1

adidas® Predator shoes combination x1

Goal celebration x1

Adidas all-star team x1

Operating Instructions

A: cross pass.

S: high-pass, cross, a header.

The left mouse button: shot, volley, header.

Right: a short biography, a header.

Left Shift key: Players run the Adjust button.

D: medial foot shot button.

Mouse movement: speed control, sprint, teammate state.

F: switch out goalie.

↑: tactics.

↓: Custom tactics.

←, →: psychological qualities.

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