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Formation layout FIFA15 back four players

4-4-2 (diamond shape, diamond extended): 4-4-2 is the most common in modern football offensive formation is characterized by the formation of the midfield and sets Guards frequent side activities to constitute each other in front of danger.
Another common offensive play, was repaired within two Lada manufacturing width, including avant-garde midfield two people inside the penalty area to score.
The third common way is to use two strikers attack speed and good technique, steals the ball after a long pass quickly launch a quick counterattack.
4-1-3-2: traditional 4-4-2 deformation midfielder sent a delayed increase in the backcourt defense and midfield contact with the backcourt.
4-1-4-1: Is 4-1-3-2 the advanced, FIFA 14 Coins allowing people to return to the forward line a midfield assist the midfield transition, coupled with delayed midfield, then this is a central axis of the array is quite sturdy .
4-2-2-2: send two backbone, a person is attacking midfielder (CAM), a person is a defensive midfielder (CDM), in front of the two midfielders a little closer to the flank, the general lack of use of the array of team winger, main Road.


4-2-3-1 (W): the most popular formation, Chelsea's Jose Mourinho, Guangzhou Hengda Lippi are frequently used Zhenshi.
The basic configuration is a four-guard, double waist, three attacking midfielders plus a lone striker. This formation on offense and defense requirements are very high. Back line for two backs relatively high, must be able to attack all-around good defensive players, such as Carlos and other types; midfielder dual lumbar more demanding, one of whom must have outstanding physical and defensive running ability, is mainly responsible for the defensive midfield, another one needs to have good passing ability and dribbling ability to control the pace of the game.
As the 4231 formation of the attacking midfielder is the formation of the soul, not only to have organized the traditional playmaker passing ability, but also has a very strong ability to score.
Whole midfield is very clear division of labor, in charge of the defensive midfielder and connect two, three attacking midfielders to tie the main lone striker up front.
4-2-4: This formation is an extremely balanced offensive and defensive players arranged in formation. In this formation use, the two avant-garde is the nexus of the backbone.
4-3-1-2: 4312 evolved from a 4-4-2 formation, which is characterized by a midfield diamond stations take four avant-garde, avant-garde facilities vocational protrusion single playmaker, efforts to strengthen the offensive team.
4-2-3-1: commonly known as "Christmas tree" type, a striker up front, but he was not the team's main offensive points, two wingers are attacking the core. With this formation, there must be two excellent winger. With this formation, there must be two excellent winger.
4-3-3 (waste center type, offensive, defensive, durable type): This formation is a relatively balanced offensive and defensive formation, before, during and after the three regions of the staff more balanced. But for the ability midfield three avant-garde demanding, in order to strengthen the team and often used wing attack formation.
Avant-garde and linebacker defensive midfield pressure, the two sides Offensive obvious advantages, but the defense retracement long distance,Buy Fifa 15 Coins long distance exhumation of physical exertion, this formation is the key to success is to look at whether to keep the attack on behalf of to cover up the defensive shortcomings.
4-4-1-1: Although he is a lone striker, but not in the traditional sense, and 4-5-1 on the same defensive ability is better than 4-5-1, the midfield is more layered stations since the number of advantages on the midfield, lost the ball after Fanqiang can be performed in situ, to strengthen the team for the ability to control the midfield.


With respect to the 4-2-3-1 play, 4-41-1 ability to attack more powerful, which is mainly reflected in the Frontal that position.
4-4-2 (persistent type, dilated): uses four defenders, four midfielders and two strikers play. Two sides Hou Weijia a delayed as a defensive sweeper and marking; dual lumbar or lower back with a single two or three midfielders, plus two strikers play.
4-5-1 (offensive, ordinary type): This formation arrange four players in the backcourt, five players in midfield, leaving only one person in the frontcourt play forward, because in the backcourt players intensive, undoubtedly having intensive defensive back features.