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Dream Team is one of the most popular game FIFA game mode


Dream Team is one of the most popular game FIFA game mode, consisting mainly of a variety of cards. Then the player how to get to these players card it? There are four main ways:

Way one:
When players create a new club or delete existing clubs, the system will automatically provide a basic package, FIFA 14 Coins the base package contains 34 total with the composition of non-tradable card, which contains 29 copper cards, two Silver and four gold cards, these cards constitute the early pioneers of the use of players for the game, each player card with 45 games contract.

Two ways:
By purchasing FIFA Points (commonly known as the green dot) to open the card.

Three ways:
By winning the championship or tournament season championship. If the players some special single season mode as well as other bidders to win the race in the game are available with a gift card package and gold. Different levels of season tournament and the corresponding grades have different gifts.

Four ways:
Gift, EA early in the game a certain time or a number of major festivals, will and a certain "gifts", which some gift card package, some are gold.
More ways to get to the card are First Owner, Fifa 15 PC Coins in the majority of market players are used to buy more players. Virgin has a special preference for card players can only get through these four ways.