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FIFA15 offensive, defensive style of play and practical tips summary


Some experts may know tips:

1. The hair ball blocking the ball players across the border and hold the LB LS control the ball players

2. Zhisai Zhisai ball over the top when not hold RT

3. Once you see the ball violently or feel themselves unable to control the football, then immediately press the LT button to make steady

4. If the other party is only one person approached scraping, Buy Fifa 15 Coins then his back (hold down the LT button) sloshing around the other players (due to hold down the LT button action is not too large), then pay attention to the other side, if the other party to accelerate in one direction, a foot (apparently cheated any), immediately release the LT button or press the RT button steering wheel ball to the opposite

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5. This generation fake shot (press X after quickly press A) and 13 finally like BUG

6. Harvey style scalpel Zhise control players try not to be in a running state

7. Learn the most practical Marseille roundabout even without scoring but also give each other a lot of pressure

8. The long-range goal rainy rate

9. opposite goalkeeper Iker enjoy long shots !!

10. Control the defensive midfielder stood on his possible passing lanes in front of the other and then immediately press and hold the ball to his teammates defend RB (turn off the automatic substitutions)

11. Once the defensive player dribbling in behind the other players once you accelerate and pull the clothes you will plop onto the ground (diving !!!)

12. Press Y to put down the ball goalkeeper press RB to pick up the ball in the hands of

13. Automatic Substitution best practice more with the RS control

14.LT key to slow the process suddenly change direction with the RT button you press to try

15. After the hair when the games kick opponents have been blocked off near the ball players how do you try to press the LT button

16. Under no circumstances mash left foot to the left foot CB CB best place to put the right of the details determine success or failure of the best!

17. To fine defensive attack to be rough! Rhythm of their own penalty area Daojiao seek death

18. A look at the opponent goal kick sent the ball dead midfielder CB and how to do? If it is put in a small area on the left tee Angle pulled gently press the leftmost long pass key (for 4-guard formation, a small area to the right of empathy pull the right perspective)

19. The generation of H CB offensive mentality is very pit, in addition to Ramos!

20.FIFA13 352 Super BUG FIFA14 41212 handy proposed election of this generation have dual lumbar or crowded midfield formation

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