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News description

Players recommendation of the ballot, the bar of God, thinking man with life life


Pakistan Premier League this year, shot over 20 serve God, not in a ball. . . . Multi tragic baby

Is one of the best strikers I do not recommend, on the grounds that the offensive initiative is LOW !!!

This allows the bar of God on the field is really like thinking about life as in the walk, when the attack will never come and go in the forefront, but also much more than 14,Buy Fifa 15 Coins when 14 of the bar of God, whatever the outcome is med enthusiasm, white blind aggression Location


Black is still hard to bring strength and physical assurance

Data on average, 82 speed, 82 acceleration, 82 sprint speed, which makes the bar of God when the ball is still retained the ability to break

92 free throws, the penalty when the bar of God, and that the accuracy and strength, scoring is no pressure


Offensive enthusiasm LOW !!! In fact, this point is enough !!!

The reaction is low, turn slow, and emergency situations a foot slow


Price 2W up and down, this data is worthy of this price, but to use them feel, not suitable for the novice, is not recommended in a master

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