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News description

Fifa 15 in particular can play a role in formation of workrate


1. Med / Med- such forward in the field seemingly attacking midfielder, always wandering in the edge of the area, if you want him playing more like a striker, he must have speed of 90 +. If not, then he only with certain formations (such as 4-3-3). Such a player is more suitable for a lone striker in this formation in its 433 applies, but back when few in the first line

Of course, if a dual-striker formation, with an HL striker is a good choice

Typical - Remy Ibarbo


2. High anywhere High- such players will appear in /, you can not define his specific role, definitely not suitable for a single striker, physical slot empty too fast, in a two-striker formation in HL can to a certain extent with played his role.

If you hit back,FIFA 14 Coins absolutely do not use this type of player, you rarely see him.

Typical Rooney Welbeck Tevez


2. Shooting (Shooting)

Finishing, shot power, and long shots of different players attack workrates these three attributes of different emphases

High attack workrates: The most important attribute is finishing (near the exit)

Med attack workrates: The most important attribute is Shot power (Shot Power).

Low attack workrates: If you really need this player, that long shots (long-range) is the most important attribute, they play in the field is more like CM or CAM

fifa 15 coins


3. Dribbling (dribbling)

Dribbling for medium attack workrate striker its important that they have the ball more time and opportunity

Ball control, dribbling, and agility of these three attributes ST are very important. If an ST values higher than two, then he can be a good point, if these three values are not high,FIFA 15 IOS COINS try to more kick ball, avoid the ball.

skill moves forward, it is also very important for the 4-star can do berbaspin and rainbow, star can do mcgeady spin and scoop turn, very practical when you are 1 on 1 against the action

Of course,, skill move just embellishment, for any position player, attributes are more important now than it had property.


4. Pace (Speed)

For each ST, the speed is very important, he can make some workrate mediocre striker into a monster (Remy Ibarbo, etc.)

Pace is divided into two kinds of maximum speed and acceleration

For medium attack workrate of ST, the absolute speed is very important. Such ST retracement of the deep, takes a long-distance sprint, which is why players such as Ibarbo so strong, even though they are the MM's workrate

For high attack workrate of ST, the acceleration is more important kind of ST away from the goal close, allowing them to get rid of high-explosive defensive player to complete the last one shot

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5. Size / Strength / Heading (height / weight / header)

Body and headed for medium attack workrate is very important strong body let him live a good ball control (unless he is fast and agile, such kun).

Close relationship between these three values, tall and strong players in the game will become very large. In FUT of engines,Fifa 15 PS4 COINS even if the header value is very low, but because the tall and strong, he is more likely to fight to the header (Ibrahimovic ), while the physical undersized players even at high bouncing header value, will lose a lot of opportunities Zhengding (Falcao)


6. Weakfoot ability (Weak Foot)

Four-star and five-star Weak foot forward is more suited to play a single striker, they can toward the goal in every direction,

In a dual striker formation, the inverse is not so important enough, the general direction of choice striker cut inside to do good foot

FORMATIONS (lineup applicable)