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News description

"FIFA 15" is ideal for workrate combination striker


The best choice 

1. High / Low- Qiangdian type striker. HL type ST will yourself frontcourt, offensive, counter and so on in the first line, you do not press the LB positive moves forward, he will automatically

Remember, double striker formation must have a HL.

Typical - Aguero Dos Santos Nike


2. Med / Low- tardiness forward, or tissue-type striker the best choice (for with this type of player, ML stronger than HL or HM). Ibrahimovic and the bar of God is the best representative of this class. When the defense is not retracement, when you can attack the ball well and the midfield tandem, these players have a strong body, and the best long-range capability, but not the high speed requirements.

Typical - Macy Riboud great generals of the meow Sturridge


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3. High / Med- such players fusion of HL and ML characteristics, can be used as offensive playmakers can become the Terminator, when the defense retracement deeper than the HL ML player,FUT Coins when you can fight back the same series midfielder, and HL and ML players compared to the effect is not so pure (UT mechanism determines their duties type of player is the best)

Typical - Letterman Soule Wan tofu and other such  more


Bad workrates:

1. Low / Med, Low / High, Low / Low

Any Low ST offensive efficiency is unacceptable, unless you want him to become a pure pivot front nine and a half to do, the only way I can think to do is to Balotelli


2. Med / High

Such forward retracement too, basically be a waste of a forward position


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