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News description

FIFA 15 New Features


· The new "emotional intelligence" system allows players to show their emotions according to court status

· Make the player's goal near the whistle wild celebrations, also due to missed scoring opportunities and frustration

· The new control system with better reflect the personality and the player can affect the game

· Based on the accurate calculation of the running track contact football, models and physical properties

· Harmonious ergonomic and allows the players to move the ball when the reaction can be more balanced and tightly controlled

· Systemic defense, pulling shirts, shoulder top, tackles for people who are new PK system, new features

· Players model has been remade, this version is more robust, lean and true

· Hair really move Oh, the game will leave footprints on the golf course turf oh

· Stadium seemed to live in general, tackles will hurt the turf, jerseys will be dirty, corner flag fluttering, hit the post will clang clang rang

· Billboard occur rather than just flipping animation

· Ten team has become possible to celebrate

· Cheer and interactive fans have been strengthened

·Buy Fifa 15 Coins with a new lighting system allows more natural color

· Replay has been reset, and the broadcast is very close to reality

· Halftime music and audience responses and comments



You can control the positioning without the ball and throw the ball

· AI will be more proactive when attacking and try one pair of a defensive player had lost to crumble defense

· Fullback sets of side plug AI moves so you have more attacking options

Lee will be more use of the foot when the foot · dribbling, will be used both inside and outside the instep to the ball

· Players will use the split step to adjust dribbling, looks more real



New defensive AI will make "one last line of defense" to make more rational choices, rather than waiting for support or threatening to go to grab the last defender

· Correct pass the ball to ensure that the kinetic energy of the ball, and allow a more dynamic running track

· The new action allows players to unload the ball with a thigh or head Dianqiu

· After sliding tackles rapidly second reaction

· Opponents style of play will be adjusted to accommodate the schedule

· Lineup will situational awareness, buses will use similar tactics, will have to try more long pass behind, leading to a time delay near the corner flag

· UT pre-order will include more than 40 weeks of 40 packs

"FIFA 15"FIFA 15 XBOX COINS has also joined the new role module and body equipment systems.

Games will also provide visible breathing, as well as hair fluttering.

Game jersey because of mud and grass become more dirty, sliding tackles and so will leave marks on the grass.