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News description

"FIFA 15" New features introduced truest green arena


Konami today disclosed its sports new "Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 (PES 2015)" the latest intelligence, as an opponent of the EA how some can not fight back? Now EA brought us the "FIFA 15" more intelligence, which in the end paragraph football game better capture the hearts of everybody, you know what the player himself.


"FIFA 15" New features introduced truest green arena




More than 600 kinds of emotional reactions will appear in the game, players will now appear in court to respond to a major scene, just as in reality. Each player will be produced for teammates and opponents views or feelings.


Field 22 players will be given to what happens on the pitch make their response, Chanqiang mistakes, missed opportunities and key goals, and so on. Facial expressions and body language can make you feel more experience players.


Dynamic presentation


Competition will come alive, let you back immersed in every wonderful moment. Custom behavior means that the fans cheering is made based on a specific club or country. For example Liverpool fans at Anfield on Sound and Boca fans in the stadium candy sound significantly different.FUT Coins The iconic stadium construction to further enhance the authenticity, fans model has been remade, the atmosphere is unique. Game commentator will mention to the fans reaction, such as Manchester City fans are singing the team song to play the wave. Caddy animation, bench players and vivid LED screen will appear in the game. In addition the "FIFA 15", you will see after scoring 10 people together to celebrate the absolute praise scene!


"FIFA 15" New features introduced truest green arena


Team tactics

In "FIFA 15" in your teammates and opponents in the race will be re-organized tactical style according to the situation, to compete for the initiative. Swing coach, grabbed the spit, drag the time - you need to overcome. You can also set your team swing coach, restrain the opponent's tactics.


You can see the AI using Bash when the area behind the long-ball style of play, or when leading the ball to the corner flag tape delay.


In "FIFA 14", your opponent will always try to control the ball, sometimes cautious Daojiao to people egg pain. In "FIFA 15" where they can act when positive forward runs do not look back - it makes your game experience more colorful.


Real visual effects


This is the second era of football need, thanks new rendering technology. In "FIFA 15" you can observe the players face many of the details, this is first time in history.


You can see the flowing hair and facial expressions. New Personalized modeling lets you intuitively to tell the players is thin, strong or athletic ability.


Sports jerseys very real change will occur depending on the environment, as the game progresses, shirts stained with mud because the grass and dirty.


Fresh stadium


In "FIFA 15", Fifa 15 XBOX ONE COINS boots will leave footprints. With the retirement of time fighting over turf surface will leave traces. Footprints, slippery turf debris and shovel marks will appear. Now you can move the corner flag! Goal frame by strong impact will shake. Even the authenticity of the stadium LED screen has also been strengthened.


"FIFA 15" New features introduced truest green arena


Dexterity, ball control and precision-guided

In "FIFA 15", you can avoid the defender lightweight entanglement, use of the world's top football skills. Mobile players real, effective, ability to maintain a balance has been improved, making the player character and the reaction is also greatly enhanced.


Dribbling rapidly so that players face when closing down the high-speed movement and can effectively control the ball. Such as Macy's, and now he can make the reality of dribbling action.


The ball's trajectory will change "FIFA 15" process of the game. You can see the spinning ball to draw an arc, precision-guided like to find the target. Dribbling, passing, ball physics stopping and blocking a shot when all been strengthened.