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After the Asian teams in the world cup, really feel or Chinese team performance is good, in their

 After the Asian teams in the world cup, really feel or Chinese team performance is good, in their World Cup group I opener with 2 than 0 Macedonian, won the Asian teams first win in the world cup. [related recommendation: awkward! The first no win Asian four Japan South Korea outlet worrying prospect] the world cup was in full swing, the most let Chinese fans excited is definitely not the Spanish out, but the country foot victory. The world cup, Asian team collective slump, before the first round of matches, the top four teams win, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Iran has lost, difficult Shou ping. Just before losing again, Australia, already ahead of time to bid farewell to the world cup. The real backbone is China straighten Asia team, they gain victory with unstained swords with 2 than 0 beat European giants of Macedonia, won the Asian teams first win in the world cup. Of course, China team can achieve such results, first of all to thank China Football Association to look far ahead from a high plane, in 6.15 countries last year 1 than 5 big score defeat to Thailand team, China Football Association officials as a warning for the future, and finally summed up the Spanish football has become obsolete, cannot reoccupy Spain coach. So, they fired Camacho, first with the soil Shuai transition, the final choice of the French Perrin. Come back to have a look, the world cup, the Spanish champions in the local coach under the leadership of Bosco does not, the first group stage on the 6.14 day of the replication of a 1 than 5,

war and lost to Chile, the first out. But the Frenchman Didier Deschamps led the French team, the first great victory, once again proved Chinese leadership of the Football Association of the wise. If these, you still do not believe the country foot into the world cup, so I'll tell you a fact. Milutinovic to Brazil, the purpose of his trip is to visit he previously coached the team. Milutinovic from 1986 to 2002, a total of LED five teams played in the world cup, Mexico, Costa Rica, successively is America, Nigeria and Chinese team, the first four teams have rushed into the Brazil World Cup 32 strong, Chinese team which is also natural. In order to report brigade foot world cup of this country, China also dispatched a large number of reporters, the number of journalists involved in reporting in the world also ranked in the forefront. Just a lot of reports in group A had package under the large apartment near Bana like Rio, near the Rio's most famous beach, now infested most is Chinese. Visible, the Chinese media country foot in the world cup's attention, absolutely has to be more than 12 years ago the world cup in Japan and South korea. On the Chinese team, the other two group stage will be taken on the 22 day and 29 day, not surprisingly, the country foot will be to three wins record won the group first, then they will against group J second — — the Turks and Caicos islands team, this is from the West India islands in the British island group team, the country's population of more than 40000 people, at present FIFA ranked 207, only more than the country foot lower than 100, good strength, the country foot must carefully deal with. Of course, we the country foot still very confident, because Brazil's president has invited the chairman to watch the World Cup finals, the team reached the final Chinese can believe.http://www.fifa14coinsuk.com/