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Brazil striker Hulk in a media interview dissatisfied with Scolari to arrange their own substitute

 Brazil striker Hulk in a media interview dissatisfied with Scolari to arrange their own substitute expression, he said all people around the world know that he wanted to play, but can only respect coach Scolari's decision. In preparing for the Mexico and the team the training class, Hulk Hulk at the start of training after 10 minutes ahead of time to leave the training ground, at that time, the media generally believe that Hulk suffered injury problems. It is reported, Hulk in Brazil local time this Monday left the hotel where the Brazil team to conduct the mri. According to the Brazil team doctor said, have not observed the Hulk any injured, he was placed in the reserve should be is a strategy of the coach from the technical level to consider. In the Brazil team and the Mexico team before the game, Brazil coach Scolari in an interview with the media to confirm the Hulk absence and Mexico team, the World War II, hulk and not at the training base, he suffered a thigh problem in training on Sunday. Hulk will not do anything, he is not running, will not participate in the

training. He will stay in base treatment in. However, in this game, the Brazil team to break the lack of technique, the Mexico team to draw 0-0. For Scolari's decision, Hulk expressed dissatisfaction, in an interview with the media, he said: people all over the world know that I always want to play, but how can I do? Only respect the manager's decision. I'm all right, I feel very calm, but, I am not injured now, also did not talk to Scolari. There is his decision not to let my satisfaction, he made the decision that he thinks are the best, but I'm ready to play. When talking about the recovery, Scolari bluntly Hulk: he can race, however, (let him come off the bench) this is my decision. When he felt better, he had the opportunity to return to the court.http://www.fifa14coinsuk.com/