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Just this past season, the Spanish football is brilliant, Ma Jing and Real Madrid in the

 Just this past season, the Spanish football is brilliant, Ma Jing and Real Madrid in the Champions League final final realignment, the Milky Way battleship summit Europe, while in the league, play stunning Ma Jing broke the monopoly of Barcelona and real madrid. In the Europa League, the Spanish team Seville also win. The 13-14 season, the Spanish football glory throughout, but such a brilliant and nobody helped the Spanish national team, in Brazil, the defending champion two straight out of shame, which with 3 strong civil war have relations. Before the world cup, Spain is second only to Brazil's world cup two favourites, though Puyol retired, Harvey, Casillas, Alonso and other major already over 30 years old, but Diego - Costa, Ramos, Iniesta and so on most major at the peak, many people believe that Spain has the strength of defending. But the final result surprised everyone, the Spanish group stage encounter two losing streak, became the first team out of the World Cup team, of course, and together they go home and the Australian team. Spain has a strong line-up of the highest overall value, but in the end, out of regret, the relationship between the internal friction with the Primera Liga 3 Atletico Madrid, Barcelona and Real Madrid closely. Tonight 0-2 lost to Chile in the game, the Spanish people from the first 11 are Casillas, AZ and Billy Quetta, Harvey - Martinez, Ramos, Alba, Alonso,

Busquets, Iniesta, Silva, Diego, Costa, Pedro, of which 3 Spanish occupation to the main &mdash 8; — Barcelona, Real Madrid 3 4 Ma Jing, 1. However, it is the 8 state in the doldrums, let Spain who have no chance to beat Chile, defence, Casillas 2 games lost the ball 7 shame, Ramos no longer Champions League Yong, the 12 European Cup outstanding Alba not in. In midfield, Iniesta play mediocre, you know he's 2010 of Spain's hero, Alonso scored a downturn, and Busquets missed a sitter. And in the forward line, Pedro and Costa is no threat to the shooting, also did not create a decent chance. Last season, the Spanish football to win the Champions League glory, Real Madrid summit, Ma Jing dominate the league, Seville won the Champions League cup. But it is Real Madrid, Ma Jing and Barcelona Sanqiang infighting, leaving the Spanish weakened ushered in before the world cup. In the 13-14 season, Real Madrid and Atletico played 5 times, Ma Jing and Barcelona, Real Madrid and Barcelona 6 against 4, three between multi field high strength against the consumption of many Spanish international experience, as the defending champion in Brazil important reasons for sluggish. Zhou Kai.