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Brazil supermodel Bundchen will become the World Cup finals promulgation honored guest

 Brazil supermodel Bundchen will become the World Cup finals promulgation honored guest Phoenix sports news Brazil in the 2014 World Cup in combat, but players news, field also has the news was revealed, June 18th Beijing time, according to "Yahoo! Sports" broke the news, this year's World Cup Champion Award has been determined, not FIFA chairman Blatter not president Rousseff of Brazil, but Brazil sexy supermodel Bundchen, she will appear in the final scene, the world cup is awarded this year's World Cup winning team. Because the domestic experience and public facilities construction work is not in place, President Rousseff of Brazil is now in the domestic popularity is not high, and even referred to as is not a popular person. "Yahoo! Sports" news, for security reasons, FIFA President Blatter and Rousseff will be the scene does not appear in the World Cup final, two people in the game with Croatia in the opening

match of Brazil has been sh a. In this case, issued by the world cup award candidate became a problem, "Boston Globe" recently reported, the Brazil team sexy Ambassador Bundchen was FIFA asked to do this work, unless there are unsafe factors, Bundchen will accept such tasks, while her husband Tom Brady will also travel together. In fact, no regulations world cup award must be the host country of the heads of state or FIFA people, 2010 will be Blatter the trophy to the Spanish team, but in 2006 Cannavaro was wearing a suit from a man who took over in 2002, is Blatter and Bailey together issued, so the supermodel Bundchen awards also let a person very much looking forward to.