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The Cameroon team top-quality shooter Eto'O 17

 The Cameroon team top-quality shooter Eto'O 17, in his pre match press conference, and now do not want to ignore those related to his personal gossip appears recently, will give you a detailed account after the world cup. Eto'O's recent troubles. In May, Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho says the Cameroon striker may be more than 33 years old. Eto'O was very angry, said Mourinho is a puppet. Before the world cup has been reported, he had an affair, and his wife a woman gave birth to several children. For the rumors, Eto'O calmly said: I want to tell you the truth. But more important is the next game and the World Cup soccer games remaining. He said: we don't want to go home after the end of the group stage. Although many people want to disrupt our morale, but I don't care what they say. Believe me, after the world cup I will fight all the rumors. I will relate in detail to say clearly, put those rumors out, let us national team and our nation have a look who is responsible for the. Cameroon's first group stage by 0:1 loses to the Mexico team, so he is cornered. They must be in the next game against a Croatia team hope to have a group. Cameroon coach Fink said, this is a key match, between life and death. He said: I think it is very clear, very simple. The first game was lost, and now has only one target — — win. Eto'O because of the wound in the body, it may not be able to participate in the game. He said: I am not saying I can participate in the game. We never before this occasion to talk about our strengths and weaknesses. Even if I knew, I won't tell you. This is the traditional. FIFA official

screenshots Phoenix sports news Robben in Spain and the Holland team in the World Cup group stage match and Van Persie both the plum to open two degrees, has become the field the most dazzling star, Robben is in the final force beyond Ramos, Spain and play the whole defence. When the data showed Robben the attack sprint reaches a maximum speed of 37km/h, but FIFA website data has denied this, technical statistics after the game, Robben scored the highest sprint speed is only 31.03km/h, so so, Robben did not go beyond Walcott created the 35.7km/h's high speed. Exactly 80 minutes in that game, Robben midfielder caught the ball long range, and more than a body in front of Ramos's defense, then cool Guo attack Casillas the ball into the net. After a video screen on the Internet burst red, TV screen shot shows Robben sprint speed reached 37.0km/h, super speed and Ramos 30.6km/h. But the authority of the data FIFA does not support this argument, that is to say the TV data that is wrong. It is not difficult to find at the end of the game FIFA website for this game in statistical data, the highest rate of Robben in the game for the 31.03km/h, Ramos and the data is 29.41km/h, and this data in the TV screen is not a small entry. It is worth mentioning that,  match Spain's top speed of up to 31.61km/h, that is to say Robben is not even in the game the fastest player in sprint. The widely accepted world sprint speed was created by Walcott, FIFA on his test showed him the highest speed can reach 35.7km/h, today's football is no match, in addition to Valencia and Baer is recognized as one of the two horse, speed can reach 35.1km /h and 34.7km/h. (NATE