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The Reds debut in Europe in Belgium are still present in the backward

 The Reds debut in Europe in Belgium are still present in the backward. Throw the helve after the hatchet coach Will Motz will be one of the last places change stake in Manchester United's Fellaini, and was Fellaini did not make his coach disappointed, after playing only 4 minutes, he is the team scored the equaliser with a high degree of difficulty back moon. But after that, Yuezhanyueyong Belgium soon by another substitute players counter ultra score. In this game, the powerful Belgium universally can win. But the game process but not as people imagine, the first half of the game, may be due to excessive tension, the Belgian player's performance is much lower than expected, after all, as many of them, this is their world cup debut. Soon, defense of the absolute core, Henry reckless foul from the spot, the first half of the game, the accident has lagged behind rivals in europe. Belgium was obvious advantages, but it is in power do not score. Seeing the situation, Will Motz began his removal on the general Naples in the second half, the Belgian offensive Sheng gradually. But sixty-sixth minutes, Will Motz used the last substitutions, Manchester United midfielder Fellaini was. After the game only 4 minutes, from team mate flank,

spends Laney with a difficult back month as the team scored the equaliser. After scoring his choice of running away to celebrate the passion, a season. The goal here is Belgium in World Cup 12 years of the first grain of goal, but a goal in the world cup on the Belgian player, it is their coach Will Motz. Then Fellaini also contributed a very perilous header, almost broke again, his "color display. Fellaini at Manchester United after the situation of the poor, in Moyers and Giggs's are iron bench, rumors in the Manchester United manager Van Gaal also is not good for him. But also dragged down his place in the national team in Manchester United's poor performance, the world cup he also failed to get the first. But after the game, he is in the team's situation should be changed. But only 9 minutes later, Yuezhanyueyong Belgium by another second half substitute players  footed counter ultra score, two replacement players as the team winning hero. And all this behind the scenes of the director is their coach Will Motz, it is his two time quite magical substitutions to Belgium after 12 years later again in the world cup to taste the taste of victory. As one of the most famous Belgian history star, Will Motz played itself has a strong strength, the game has its own unique understanding. (gradual practice)