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Russia's 1-1 draw with South korea. The game usher in the climax in the second half

 Russia's 1-1 draw with South korea. The game usher in the climax in the second half, the first is the South Korean team outside the Li Genhao forbidden area shot vigorously, Russia goalkeeper Akinfeev hands, the ball will be leaking into the goal, but then the Russian team offensive melee form inside the area, just play Kerzhakov in front of fire equaliser. This service, Evergrande defender jinyingquan played the full 90 minutes, he played well worthy of Korea leader of the defense, the game, jinyingquan of Foot Artillery almost goal. Under the guidance of Lippi, South Korea's defender jinyingquan still progress in Guangzhou Hengda, both the Korean media or the European media for jinyingquan strength is recognized, the British media that jinyingquan is one of the best defenders in Asia, even optimistic about his future after landing in Europe could sit steady force. In the face of Russia, jinyingquan defense object is Russia in World Cup top scorer Kokorin. The half time, jinyingquan perfect play, in addition to freeze Kokorin. Jin Yingquan also contributed four to the most. More praiseworthy for one's excellent conduct is, jinyingquan in attack also played the role of initiator. The second half, South Korea launched a general

offensive, jinyingquan several became the origin, South Korea attack fiftieth minutes, once after long Jin Yingquan to find Li Qinglong, the latter's transition to, South Korea's midfielder shot nearly the score, fifty-seventh minutes, jinyingquan even nearly as South Korea have goals, he used the free kick opportunity completed kick vigorously Hong the door, Russia goalkeeper Akinfeev sell nearly conceded. Unfortunately, the 1-0 leader, Jin Yingquan led the defence or in the area in the melee can't keep, Russia eventually tie the score at 1-1, but jinyingquan on conceded little responsibility. Throughout the game, Evergrande defender played very well, he is shopping for 90 minutes in the defensive end to become the team's most trusted people, but on the offensive end, jinyingquan also with his accurate long passes and heavy artillery threat against the door. After such a war, jinyingquan proved himself the Asian first-class back strength. South Korea Russia's whistle, jinyingquan not lying on the ground. Small Kinsey said: we should have won the game, finally drew level, I am very disappointed, this is also my responsibility. Read the game knows, he is too strong, the game ends play is nearly perfect: 10 clearances, 2 block, 60 passes, 50 successful, 1 shooting 1 shots. Zhou Kai.