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Brazil World Cup group G launched a focus of the war,

 Brazil World Cup group G launched a focus of the war, Germany finally 4-0 massacre of portugal. After the game, many famous comment on this game, Zhan Jun think Portugal and Real Madrid Champions League defeat may consume too much, as the German fans, Duan Xuan is happy and worried, he worried that Germany hot die. Zhan Jun said that the focus of the war soon lose the suspense, think of will and Real Madrid try to grab the UEFA Champions League, too much consumption have certain relations? Most of the Real Madrid star has so far. — — Casillas Pepe red card, Ramos mistakes, missed, Cohen Tran Modri injured, C Luo also only after two. Yan Qiang said Germany in the war showed pay rigor, hit ninetieth minutes, 4141 German formations are still clear and orderly, victory and no loosening, the difficulty is not by

much lower than its. The German normal play, Thomas - Muller will become the world cup scoring record challenger. C Luo recovery may be less than six, low loss, but the Portuguese opening is not bad, defeat in many details wrong, the opponent was a little tear to pieces. Then Yan also said, Portugal, depressed, all around in the C Luo side down. The German victory, still calm, calm Muller, that Germany never for a group match victory, their goal. This is a German football half century success temperament. Where is the gap, the game also can find some traces. While football expert Ran Xiongfei commented, 0-4, the German tanks crushed grapes real help! This is expected to win, but the unexpected big score! Goetze penalty open balance, Muller with the perfect hat trick itself is a great shooter, rather than a collaborative striker! Portugal is the anti team, balance is the penalty after the tear composition chaos, most unfortunately lost + Red + suffer heavy casualties! Pepe Cohen Tran and Almeida three people missing buried shadow. CCTV host Duan Xuan has been to explain the Bundesliga, he clearly support the German team in the world cup in Germany, in 4 goals, Duan Xuan proudly said, too crazy, no good! Zhou Kai.