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Come, you are also in a continuous stay up late to watch the ball? 0 am yesterday

 Come, you are also in a continuous stay up late to watch the ball? 0 am yesterday, Germany and Portugal the focus of World War II, Nanan District JIGUANSHI town area of peace Xiao Lan (a pseudonym) drinking beverages, eating potato chips and sat in front of the television, nervously watching the game. Xiao Lan more than 1 months of pregnancy, the start of the world cup, football she has looked for three nights. A slightly, into a hat trick! As Germany's loyal fans, see Germany striker Muller scored three goals, Xiaolan could not keep the joy of heart, she excitedly on the couch jumping around, forgetting is a pregnant woman … … bought snacks waiting game for four consecutive days to stay up late to watch the ball belly the child did not save Xiaolan this year 26 years old, do administrative clerk in a company. She said, I since the 

childhood like sports, I often watch football, basketball game on TV. The World. The World Cup began, she often watches the ball to the dawn. As a 10 years of German loyal fans, the 16 day of her early for Germany and Portugal to start preparing the focus of World War ii. I went to the supermarket to buy a lot of snacks after work, with chips, cookies, also bought the anti fatigue Qili beverage. Xiao Lan said that, as competition in the 17 day at 0 in the morning, so 16 days eat dinner, she immediately went to bed, the alarm is set to the evening eleven thirty. Xiao Lan said that the 5 month she check out the pregnancy, family particularly happy. To watch the world cup, she and her husband had a fierce debate. He said to be pregnant, should pay attention to the body. Xiao Lan said, her husband said: do not look at the world cup, do not. After some debate,

the couple agreed that as little as possible, not important game not to see. At eleven thirty the alarm clock rang on time, Xiao Lan to get up to wash a face with cold water and drank a can opening force, turn on the tv. Start the game yesterday 0 a.m., Germany on the first half lead 3:0. Xiaolan eating potato chips, cookies, feeling a foregone conclusion, ready to turn off the TV. However, looking at his idol, Germany striker Muller has scored two goals, she was a little sad, want to see if he could complete a hat trick of. On four consecutive days to stay up late to watch the ball break, Xiaolan took a nap on the couch, followed by the TV commentator wake her endure the fatigue, and drank a can of Qili refreshing. She told the Chongqing evening news reporter, in fact, look at the German team before the match, she already continuously 3 days watching the

ball to the dawn. Is a team game, worth a visit. Said Xiao Lan, 16, French Honduras, 15 Italy beat England, Spain 14, hit Holland, she will stay up late to watch the game three. 79 minutes into the game, 穆勒门 before shooting into the net, scoring his third goal. Hattrick. Xiao Lan couldn't help heart: on the couch jumping. But not to jump a few, Xiaolan felt an acute pain in the belly, and even the blood flow down along the leg. Xiao Lan know things look bad, hastened to wake the sleeping husband. The child did not keep 2 a.m., Xiaolan escorted down in the family to the armed police Chongqing Corps Hospital Maternity Center, the hospital opened pregnancy emergency green channel, the first time she will be sent to the operation room. After emergency

rescue, Xiao Lan out of danger, but she couldn't keep her children. Yesterday, Chongqing evening news reporters came to the Chongqing Armed Police Corps Hospital, met Xiao Lan. Speaking of staying up late to watch the ball, she was full of regret. Hey, my body is healthy, think before pregnancy, should be no problem. Xiao Lan said, although her husband did not blame her, but she still feels guilty, the rest of the world cup, determined not to see. Obstetrics and gynecology doctors Xue Banggui told reporters that the first three months of pregnancy is a dangerous period, plus pregnant women during fatigue, stay up all night watching a excited mood, it is easy to cause contractions, resulting in miscarriage. Xue Banggui remind, pregnant women or heart disease, hypertensive patients is best not to stay up late to watch the ball, can see through the video mode, to ensure the rest.

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