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The World Cup group F first round contest, Iran and Nigeria in the highlands of Cuiaba arena

 The World Cup group F first round contest, Iran and Nigeria in the highlands of Cuiaba arena battle, finally, the Afro Asian showdown to end 0-0, Nigeria had scored a goal in the game, but a foul disallowed. This was the first World Cup games without scoring, but also the first draw. Three Asian teams have played is still hard to get a victory, 1 flat 2 negative. Direct against the African football game. As the group of two other teams in Argentina and Bosnia and Herzegovina and strength have relatively higher, therefore to the group stages, the game both parties must strive to win. Nigeria and Iran in the World Cup group contest will be the first collision history of the two teams, the two teams in the FIFA official competitions have never met. At the beginning of the game, third minutes, Mose restricted area outside the ball to Mikel right foot shot by Iran goalkeeper; seventh minutes, Nigeria had scored a goal, but because the referee that a player collision goalkeeper scoring void; after 2 minutes, Aziz pass, Onach shot slightly wide of the left post outside. In thirty-first minutes, Moussa free kick on the left side suddenly turning towards the goal, Iran goalkeeper A- ha Gigi reluctantly to block the ball out of the bottom line. In thirty-fourth minutes, Dejagah pass in the right corner, the ancient Shang  header was Don Yaya Ma brave saved; thirty-ninth minutes, Onazi shot wide of the right post outside. A minute later, Aime Nick shot out of the same. At the end of the first half, the two sides were not goals, temporarily 0-0

draw. Zaizhan easy side, playing forty-ninth minutes, Gu Jean Nejad Snehad pass left in the big shots from outside the area, the ball slightly wide of the left post; fifty-seventh minutes of the game, Nigeria launched a counter attack, Aime Nick received the Ameobi pass, he in the restricted area on the right side of his right foot shot, the ball cannoned off the post. In sixtieth minutes, Neconan pass, Haji Safi left in the forbidden area shot wide of the right post, the ball; 2 minutes after receiving the Montazeri pass, the ancient Shang  from 35 yards from goal at the right foot shot, the ball wide of the left post. Subsequently, Nigeria launched a fierce attack, sixty-fourth minutes of the game, Mikel received the Moussa winger biography the ball, Chelsea midfielder his right foot in the big shots from outside the area, the defenders to block the ball out; 67 minutes, Aime Nick and Ameo made the coordination, the former in the right side of the penalty area right foot shot, the ball cannoned off the post. Seventieth minutes of the game, the Nigeria right to attack, Odum temperature Kilian substitute pressure SA de header Gongmen slightly. The next 20 minutes, both sides are unable to break the deadlock, eventually, Iran's 0-0 draw with Nigeria. The first two: Iran first: goalkeepers: 12- Ali Reza Hagigi; back: 15- Montazeri, 4- Ceni Hou, 5- SA De, 23- Pradi; midfield: 2- , 6- Coonan (captain), 14- Teymourian, 3- El Safi; waist: 21- Dejagah; 16- Gu Jean Nejad Nigeria striker: First: goalkeepers: 1- Don Yaya Ma (captain); back: 5- Ambrose, 14- O Boa Bona, 22- Ao Mei Lu Ao, 13- Asha Niwa; midfielder: 10- Mikel, 17-  15- Aziz, 11- Mose; forward: 7- Moussa, 9- Aimee Nick (fat people) Messi: I hope the final defeat Brazil to win the world cup is more important than the Golden Boot